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Socialist Party (Argentina)

PS; Partido Socialista

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[Socialist Party flag]
by Francisco Gregoric, 09 Nov 2005
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The Argentine Partido Socialista was originally founded in 1896 by Juan B. Justo. In 1904 Alfredo Palacios of the City of Buenos Aires was elected as the first socialist deputy (representative) in all Latin America.

In the first years of the 20 Century the Socialist Party competed with anarchists in unions and labor societies. At the same time both groups had their parallel labor unions. There was a "socialist oriented" federation of trade unions named UGT for Unión General del Trabajo (Labor General Union). And the Socialist Party had some support in big cities like Buenos Aires and Rosario.

The socialist party has had several splits since around 1919 when Leninist socialists made their own party. That would become the Communist Party. In the 1950s the Socialist Party split in several parties. There have been several different socialist parties at the same time, for example: the PSP or Partido Socialista Popular (Popular Socialist Party), the PSD or Partido Socialista Democrático (Democratic Socialist Party), the PSA or Partido Socialista Autentico (Authentic Socialist Party), the PSU for Partido Socialista Unificado (Uniffied Socialist Party), etc.

Since the 1980s some of the socialist parties have come together to form the Unidad Socialista (Socialist Unity). This group supported the FREPASO in the 1990s and the Alianza in the 1997 and 1999 elections. During the Presidency of Fernando De la Rúa the socialists quit the government and became part of the opposition.

Finally in 2002 the PSP and the PSD joined to form the Partido Socialista again. However the PSA still stays as a separated party.

The Socialist Party is a member of the international group Socialist International alongside a lot of socialist and social-democrat political parties from around the world.
Francisco Gregoric, 09 Nov 2005

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About the flag

The traditional flag of the Partido Socialista is a red flag that has the acronym of the party PS and both letters appear together with the "S" going inside the "P".

Although there have been (and still are) more than one Socialist Party, the traditional flag have been used by most of them. Even though the acronyms change in each party, the usual acronym of the flag used by all of them is PS as a kind of homage to the original party founded by Juan B. Justo.
Francisco Gregoric, 09 Nov 2005

Variant of the flag

[Argentine Socialist Party flag]
by Francisco Gregoric, 09 Nov 2005

This is the same basic design of flag. The only difference is that the central logo appears in "inverted" colors.
Francisco Gregoric, 09 Nov 2005

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Use of the Socialist Rose emblem

The "Socialist Rose" has been widely used as symbol by several socialist parties in Argentina. Sometimes this design can be seen in flags or other ways. The design used by Argentine socialists in almost the same used by the Socialist International group. The biggest difference is that Argentine socialists use it in a mirrored way. So the fist that holds the rose in Argentina is from a left hand.
Francisco Gregoric, 09 Nov 2005

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