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Belarus - Military Flags

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Ministry of Defense

by Zachary Harden, 11 September 2019

At the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense, there is a display of several flags behind an official. From left to right; Paratroopers, Air Force, red flag with emblem, national flag, Chief of Staff and the Land Forces. After doing some digging, the emblem used on this flag is the Ministry of Defense. It looks almost like the military colors but without any text on the reverse. There was a video taken of the obverse and the same design of the reverse is present. I would assume this flag is for display purposes for the Ministry, as demonstrated with this event hosted by President Alexander Lukashenko. there is another flag similar to this, but has text around the emblem similar to the military color. This flag with the text, according to the Ministry of Defense, is the banner of the Ministry.
Zachary Harden, 11 September 2019

General Staff

by Zachary Harden, 11 September 2019

The standard of the General Staff of the Ministry of Defense was adopted by Presidential Decree No. 150 of 28 March 2007. The flag uses an alternating pattern of green and red with each section separated by a white border. The emblem of the General Staff, adopted in April 2003, is placed in the center of this flag and has the size of 2/5th of the flag's width.
Zachary Harden, 11 September 2019

Military Colours

by Victor Lomantsov, 7 July 2002

by Victor Lomantsov, 7 July 2002

I located a flag (obverse and reverse) at <>.Is it Belarus military colours?
Dov Gutterman, 6 July 2002

Yes, it is military colours of Belarus Army.
Obverse: state CoA, inscriptions: "Armed Forces" (above), "Republic of Belarus" (below)
Reverse: army emblem (red star inside oak and laurel wreath), motto "For our motherland" (above), full name of military unit below.
Victor Lomantsov, 7 July 2002

On the front and back, is the national ornament that can be seen in the Belarus flag.  This one has no border on it.  The background is red.  On the front, the Belarus coat of arms on it. Above it, in Russian, says something I cannot make out.  On the bottom, it says "Republic of Belarus" in the same language.  On the back, centered is possibly the army symbol of Belarus.  The quote above it could have been on Soviet army flags, but I cannot confirm that at this time.  Below it, it could state where the army is located at.  The entire flag is at a 2:3 ratio, unlike the national flag being at a 1:2 ratio.
On the finial, it is in a oval shaped and colored in gold.  The oval design is from the Soviet Union, but not the color of it.  The object shaped in the oval is a star.  For sometime before finding this, either a hammer and sickle or the Belarus coat of arms were known finials used in Belarus.
On the staff, the ribbons are placed right where the top of the flag is.  The ribbon mainly illustrated is for the medal "Victory over Germany", awarded to Soviet military and civilians for helping to defeat Germany in World War II.  Apparently, many units from old Soviet countries still have this ribbon on their flags.  A ship like the "Kursk" was commissioned last year by Putin, and this ribbon was on the flag staff that had the Russian Naval Ensign.  The medal can be seen here <>.
Zachary Harden, 7 July 2002

Attention! Not Russian language but Byelorussian (they are similar but not the same). The inscription is "Armed Forces (of) Republic of Belarus", and it is official emblem of Armed Forces of Belarus.
Soviet army flags motto was: "For our SOVIET motherland" in russian ("Za nashu sovetskuyu rodinu"). Modern Byelorussian motto: "For our motherland" in byelorussian language ("Za nashu radzimu").
Officially, the finial of Belarus state flag and president flag is rhombus with a star in the centre.
The N-Or-N-Or-N ribbon was very popular in army of Russia and Soviet Union. It is a ribbon of monarchical order of St.George. In USSR the same ribbon was used by Order of Glory and medal for Victory over Germany. This ribbon is a sign of Gvardia (elite part of the Army) too.
Victor Lomantsov, 8 July 2002

Concerning the black-orange-black-orange-black ribbons used on (with) army flags in USSR and exUSSR countries, those are the colours of order ribbon of military award (St.) George Cross. Existing in Tsarist Russia (pre-1917 October Revolution), both order and the concept  of Guards itself was banned from use until 1941-1945 era. During World War II many "ancient regime" symbols were gradually returned into use (Guards units - 1941, shoulder insignia - 1943). The same approach introduced "Order of Glory", with approx. same awarding policies and ribbon colors as old George Cross.
Yury Tarasievich, 29 December 2004