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Kolding, Denmark

Syddanmark Region

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"Kolding is a Danish seaport (est. in 1843) located at the head of Kolding Fjord in Region Syddanmark (English: Region of Southern Denmark). Kolding is mentioned for the first time in King Valdemar's Journals of 1231. How long the city has existed before this time, we do not know yet. Archaeological studies have shown layers from the latter half of the 1100s."

It has received several additions of other towns and municipalities, as follows: 1970 Dalby; 2007 Christiansfeld (coat of arms at (partly, 1970 Aller, Bjerning, Fjelstrup, Frørup, Hejls, Hjerndrup, Stepping, Taps, Tyrstrup, Vejstrup), Lunderskov (coat of arms at (1970 Jordrup, Lejrskov, Skanderup), Vamdrup (coat of arms at (1970 Hjarup, Ødis).

"It was from 1970 until 2006 part of the Vejle Amt (Vejle County) until the Strukturreformen (English: Structure reform) or Kommunalreformen (English: City reform) was enacted on January 1, 2007"


Esteban Rivera, 07 September 2018

The flag of Kolding

[Kolding flag variants] image located by Vanja Poposki, 11 September 2012


Google translation:

For a municipally used flag, the charge is combined with the name Kolding. The relationship between height and width must match the national flag. Some flags are produced in the size 200 by 240 centimeters, which is a standard format of the flag. There are specific rules for the placement of the logo and shield.
Colours: Flags can be made red with white drawings and text, or white with red drawing and black text as shown.
Flags A and B can on special occasions be used in municipal buildings. The flags C and D may, where authorized in Technical Management, be applied more generally in Kolding at major public events.
Vanja Poposki, 11 September 2012

These flags do feature the correct coat of arms (, as originally pointed out by Valentin Poposki. It is a stylized or modernized version.

The stylized and modernized version of the coat of arms that Valentin mentions in the four flag variants, is seen here: (vectorized version for Wikipedia by Erik Frohne user).

From,_segl_og_logo (translated into English, with annotations in parentheses):

This (above mentioned) Seal (old coat of arms at was approved by the Indenrigsministeriet (English: Ministry of the Interior) (currently the Social- og Indenrigsministeriet) (English: Ministry of Social Affairs and the Interior), on June 11, 1988 and registered on October 12, 1988 by the "Patent- og Varemærkestyrelsen" (English: Patent and Trademark Office). It is also approved by the archives and is considered one of Denmark's oldest and can be used by the municipality on special occasions. For a number of years, the seal has served as the city's brand, but is now used for representative purposes only. The seal usually appears in white drawing on the red bottom.

The municipal coat of arms and logo (old logo) ( of the city of Kolding is based on the heraldic elements found in the City Seal from 1421. The city's Arms include an eagle, a lily, a rock and waves. The coat of arms usually appears in white red-bottom drawing. It is also also available in a round version. The bi logo (wing) only represents the wings from the eagle and can, for example, used for decorative purposes.

When Kolding was named City of the Year in 1981, a bi-logo was produced containing a stylized reproduction of Dannebrog, Koldinghus and water, seen here: (source). It was designed by Carsten (Karsten) Billegrav, an associate at Lisberg A/S. On January 11, 1990, he granted Kolding Erhvervsråd (English: Kolding Business Council) permission to transfer the brand to Kolding Municipality. Business, local associations and cooperatives have been able to use the Kolding Municipality's bilogo according to special rules, but it is no longer used (sources: and

In 2005, the municipality introduced a new graphic design (source:, dead link) (the one that Valentin mentions in his 2012 post).

The following is the explanation on the current coat of arms (directly translated from Danish):

In the beginning of 2016, Kolding Municipality received a new design line, which makes the municipality's vision and location clear, as the design contains both (slogans) "Vi designer livet" (English: We design life) and "en del af trekantomraadet" (English: Part of the triangle (area)) (in reference to one of the Regions called "Trekantområdet" (English: Triangle Region) (official website:

The new design line is being implemented gradually in 2016. In its communication, Kolding municipality basically uses two different graphic elements, namely the municipality logo and a vision payoff. The two elements appear in several variants and can be downloaded from the overview at the bottom of the page.
The starting point is black and white with the ability to complement a variety of live communication colors from the full range.

The Kolding municipal logo consists of a coat of arms (, a name stamp and a slogan. The logo is the foundation of the municipality's design manual (, which was adopted in April 2016 and it's officially called "Design Workbook". The municipality's logo can also be used in negative on a dark background.

Depending on the media type, format and context, variants other than the primary logo may be used. Similarly, the logo is available in both Danish and English.

The municipality's primary base color is 100% black. The opacity of the black can be changed to respectively. 75, 50 and 25% (CMYK: 0/0/0/100 RGB: 0/0/0 HEX: #000000 Pantone Black C RAL 9005). When used in different (authorized and official) color scheme, the same percentage applies as mentioned above. These colors are turquoise, cobalt, red, lime, sand, fiord blue, acid (violet), mint, yellow and greyish blue). The type font is Helvetica (the primary font being Helvetica Neue and Arial is alternative).

The slogan is "We design life" (

The municipality's vision / payoff is an independent element that must be placed appropriately in relation to the logo. The graphical element can be used in negative on the dark bottom. In the box, you can see the design guide for logo and graphic elements.

Below is a list of the most common versions of the logos. In special cases, other versions may be required. These are available from the graphics in the communications department upon request.

Download logo here:

Slogan "Vi designer livet" logo:

Selected logos in vector graphic (ZIP file)

The current municipality of Kolding Municipality and the bi-logo (wing), the old seal and the name Kolding Municipality, as well as the coat of arms of the municipalities that were totally or partially combined with the old Municipality of Kolding are registered at the "Patent- og Varemærkestyrelsen" (English: Patent and Trademark Office) (official website:

Sources: and

Regarding the origins of the coat of arms (, here's some information: "(it is) based on the City Seal known since 1250 ( The significance of the coat of arms is unknown, but it may be connected to the "St. Knudsgildet" (English: Skt. Knuds Guild) (a guild of Flemish merchants), who used a lily as their symbol, and was known as the parrot-guild ("
"Kolding Municipality's old coat of arms ( is registered as a seal and can therefore be used by Kolding Municipality on special occasions. The use as seal is approved by the archives."

Sources:, and

For additional information go to Kolding (official website):

Esteban Rivera, 07 September 2018

[Flag of Kolding] image by Klaus-Michael Schneider, 08 November 2007

Description of flag:
It is a plain white flag with the city's coat of arms in the centre. Ratio is unknown.
Description of coat of arms:
In a red shield are white figures. On the dexter side is an eagle with spread wings facing the other side where a flower is depicted. The eagle stands upon a stone above from three waves.
Source: I spotted this flag on 25 July 2007 in Kolding.
Klaus-Michael Schneider, 08 November 2007