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Flag with Coat-of-Arms

[Unidentified Flag with Coat-of-Arms (Israel)] image by Dov Gutterman and Željko Heimer

One of the unique discoveries of my 18 September 2001 [municipalities flags] tour was a flag that was hoisted in Zefat city hall. Beside the municipal flag and the national flag, there was a white flag charged with the national emblem in reversed colours. I never saw such a flag before anywhere. Here is a photograph.
Dov Gutterman
, 28 September 2001

Flags on an Israeli banknote

I saw the new Israeli banknote of 20 New Sheqalim showing the Israeli flag, but it also shows some (at least two) other flags in the background. This might be flags from the United Nations building in New York, or something of the sort. One seems to be an Argentine flag, but the image is too bad to identify anything for certain.
Željko Heimer
, 13 May 1999

Could it be a symbol of Israel being recognized among the independent nations of the world? It would then make perfect sense to use common colourless patterns for the flags in the back, so they would just mean realistic, yet unidentifiable, "other nations". Notice that none of the flags except the Israeli one can be immediately identified for sure. Obviously, this is on purpose.
Pierre Gay
, 13 May 1999

The new 20 INS note is dedicated (as was the old one) to Moshe Sharet, the first Foreign Minister and the second Prime Minister of Israel. The note commemorates the event that took place on May 11th 1949 when Israel was accepted as UN member and Mr. Sharet was honoured by raising the Israeli flag. Since the flag order at the UN follows the alphabetical order, in the original picture you can see the flags of Iceland and India. I think that in designing the new bill, the designers preferred not to show actual flags and therefore the bill includes some symbolic, imaginary flags.
Dov Gutterman
, 13 May 1999

Flags in the Jewish Encyclopedia

I have access to some parts of the Jewish Encyclopedia and other Israeli documentation and there is several vex information:

  • In the word Molcho, Salomon, show the image of the banner that carried Salomon Molcho on his mission to Emperor Charles V at Regensburg in 1532 (Prague, State Jewish Museum).
  • In the word Flag is a description of the tribes flags and a banner of the Prague Jewish Community presented by its rabbi Mordecai Meisel 1592 (same Museum).
  • In the burial of Herzl 1949, the coffin was covered by a white fabric with blue (?) Hebrew inscription, and also with a unknown flag, probably blue with a circle of seven six pointed (white or golden) stars.
  • More photos: a Jewish sailor raising the flag on a Jewish ship: the flag is probably white with two opposed triangles (blue) that form the David star, and within a sign similar to the letter 'O'.
  • Also a drawing of a banner of Jewish Battalions in Palestine: like the current national flag but stylized star and black inscriptions: near hoist Jewish Battalions and below in Palestine; at fly I assume that the same inscription but with Hebrew characters.
  • Other flag show in the word Ha-shomer Ha-za'ir: The Ha-Shomer white standard with small Union Flag in the upper fly part, and Hebrew inscription (By blood and fire Judea fell; by blood and fire Judea shall rise).
  • At end, in photo of the official opening of Israel's 25th anniversary celebrations by President Shazar, show the flags of 12 tribes (only 10 visible in the b/w photo).

Jaume Ollé, 31 May 1998

Ethiopian Jews

Is it true that the Falacha community use a blue flag with inscriptions or emblem?
Jaume Ollé
, 22 February 1999

I guess you mean the Ethiopian Jews who insist that they be not called Falaches, since the Falaches (really Falach-Mura) are those who converted to Christianity and are no longer part of the Ethiopian Jews community. I don't know about any flag of them. There is no official or known flag of the community.
Dov Gutterman
, 27 February 1999

An Arab-Israeli flag

[Israeli-Arab flag] image located by Bill Garrison, 4 June 2020

I do not know how "new" this flag is, but today is the first time that I have seen it.

Article (but no image):
Issued in the midst of a sustained attempt by the Palestinian Arabs to destroy it at birth, Israel's 1948 declaration of independence urged them "to participate in the upbuilding of the state on the basis of full and equal citizenship and due

Caption: While this flag is touted as an "Arab-Israeli flag" and it copies the layout of the flag of Israel, it retains the colors of generic Palestinian flags (black, red & green). , c. June 2020
Bill Garrison, 4 June 2020

The image is flipped horizontally and cropped from this photo: which was taken at the protest against the Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People, which took place in Tel Aviv, 2018-08-11. The flag is clearly an expression of disagreement with the idea of explicit definition of Israel as a Jewish state (current Basic Laws say nothing in that regard), due to fears that it would only worsen the situation, in Israel as well as in the wider region.

The Wikimedia Commons photo gallery from the event: reveals that the flags used included those of Israel, Palestine and Druze people - clearly, the opposition to the idea is cross-ethnic.
Tomislav Todorovic, 4 June 2020

Here is another look at this flag: 

Caption: pictured is a "One State" flag of a united Israel-Palestine. It re-interprets the normal blue-white flag of Israel (pictured alongside as a dress) with the Palestinian-flag colors of black, green, red and white, but not utilizing the blue in the blue-white Israeli flag; c. July 2020. Due to the lack of blue in this flag, a critic of this "joint/united" flag might claim that this flag represents the Arab-Palestinian dream of absorbing/conquering the Jewish state of Israel -- which might be mollified if the "Star of David" had been half-blue and half-red triangles (if anything can been mollified in this region). [Apparently this photo was taken during a rally of both Palestinians and Israeli "peaceniks" who gathered to show solidarity for a "One State" solution to the current split of "Palestine" into Gaza-Israel-West Bank/Samaria-Judea. ]

Bill Garrison, 12 July 2020