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General Elections of 2009 (Israel)

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General Elections of 2009

In few hours, the polls will be open for the general election for the 18th Knesset.   Again, the Knesset didn't completed its full term, and following the resignation of PM Ulmart, following police investigations and future criminal charges, and the failure of his successor in Kadima, Zipi Livni, to assemble a new government.
33 list were registered. Due to the short time that was dedicated for the campaign,  which was even shortened due to Gaza clashes, there are no big news in the flag area, mainly, most parties kept their symbols as they appear in 2003 and 2006 reports
The elections are over with no apparent winner as Kadima got 29 seats and the Likod 28 (but combined the coalition). The Labor Party crashed into 13 seats with the right wing Yisrael Betenu got 15. The surprise of 2006, GIL Party, disappeared from the knesset.
Another big "surprise" was that leader lost its last place of 2003 and 2006 leaving the last post to Lohame Hevra Me'uhadim with 611 votes total....

The lists are:

1) Kadima

Kadima im Zipi livni LeRashut HaMemshala (Kadima with Zipi Livni for prime minister) - same symbols as reported before:
See: Kadima Party

2) HaAvoda

HaAvoda Berashut Edud Barak (The Labor led by Ehud Barak) - same symbols as reported before. The former satellite MEYMAD party, decided to run in another list.
See: Labour Party

3) HaLikud

Halikud-AKHI BeHanhagat Benyamin Netanyahu LeRashut Hamemshala (The Likud-AKHI led br Benyamin Netanyahu for PM) - same symbols as reported before.
AKHI (lit. my brother, initials of Eretz Yisrael, Hevra, Yahadut - Israelland, society, Judaism) is the former Renewed National Religious Zionism, which was part of Ikhud Le'umi in 2003, part of Ikhud Le'umi - Mafdal in 2006 and now a satelite of the Likud.
See: Likud Party

4) Shas

Hitahdut HaSfaradim HaOlamit Shomrei Torah (Federation of World Sefaradic Torah Guardians) a.k.a Shas. Same symbols as reported before.
See: Shas Party

5) Gil

GIL - Gimlae Yisrael LaKnesstet (Israel Pensioners for the Knesset). The old logo is not used anymore, but no new logo was intreduced. Website at <>.

6) Yisrael Betenu

Yisrael Betenu BeRashut Avigdor Liberman (Israel is our Home led by Avigdor Liberman)  - Same symbols as reported before.
See: Yisrael Betenu

7) Meretz

Hatnu'a HaHadasha MERETZ (The  new movement MERETZ). New logo was intreduced following the changes in the party.
See: Meretz Party

8) Mafdal

Habyit Hayehudi - Mafdal HaHadasha (The Jewish home - The new Mafdal). New logo was intreduced following the changes in the party.
See: Mafdal Party

9) Yahadut HaTorah

Yahadut Hatorah VeHaShabat - Agudat Yisrael (Torah and Sabbath Judaism - Israel Society). No logo and no flag as reported at 2006 elections.

10) Hadash

Hadash - HaHazit HaDemocratit LeShalom Ve'Shivion (Hadash - Democratic Front for Peace and Equality) - Same symbols as reported before.
See: Hadash Party

11) Raam - Taal

HaReshima HaAravit Hame'ukhedet - HaTnu'a'a HaAravit LeHit'hadshut (United Arabic List - Arabic Movement For Renewal) -Same symbols as reported for 2006 elections.

12) Balad

"Al-Tajmua al-Watani al-Democrai – BALAD"  (National Democratic Alliance) - Same symbols as reported before.
See: Balad Party

13) Ikhud Le'umi

HaIhud HaLeumi - Tekuma, HaTiqva, Eeretz Yisrael Shelanu, Moledet (The National Union - Revival,  The Hope, Our Israelland, Homeland) use same symbols as in 2006 but on white background instead of previous orange.
See: Ikhud Leumi

14) Hatnu'a Hayeruka - MEYMAD

image from <>

Hatnu'a Hayeruka - MEYMAD (The green Movement - MEYMAD). The former satellite of the Labor Party joined the green Movement for a new list.  The logo can be seen at <>.

15) Tzomet

Tzomet - Hatnu'a LeZionut Mithadeshet (Crossroads - Movement for Renewal Zionism) use the same logo as 2006.

16) Yisrael HaMithadeshet

Yisrael HaMithadeshet (The renewing Israel) - is a new list of a former Knesset member of Kadima. No symbols.

17) Da'am

DA'AM - Mifleget Poalim (DA'AM – Workers Party) - Same symbols as reported before.
See: Da'am Party

18) LaZuz

LaZuz (To move) - a new list that wanted to make social reforms in Israel.  No symbols as can be seen at <>.

19) Yisrael Hazaka

Yisrael Hazaka led by Dr. Ephrayim Sne (Israel is strong) - new list of a former labor party member. The party advocate for stronger attitude against crime. No symbols as can be seen at <>.

20) Koah LeHashpi'a

image from <>

Koah LeHashpi'a (Power to influence) - new list which wants to represent the invalids. Logo at <>.

21) Hayisraelim

image from <>

Hayisraelim (The Israelis) - another new list that want to make reforms in the government. Logo at <>.  

22) Leader (Lider)

The last place in 2003 and 2006 didn't affect this party. No symbols.

23) Ale Yarok

Ale Yarok (Green Leaf) - Same symbols as reported before.
See: Green Leaf Party

24) HaYerukim

Hayerukim - LeMa'an Yisrael Yeruka (The Greens - For Green Israel) - Same symbols as in 2006.

25) Tzabar

image from <>

Tzabar - Mifleget HaTzeyirim shel Yisrael (Israel Youth Party) -  New list that advocate for more involvment of the youth in the political entities. Logo at   <>.

26) Nitzole HaSo'a'a Im Bogre Ale Yarok

Nitzole HaSo'a'a Im Bogre Ale Yarok (Holocaust Survivors with Green Leaf Veterans - a union of two lists (whose leaders met occasionally at the parties registrar and decided to run together) which its platform is higer pensions for holocaust survivors and legalizing marihuana.
No symbols.
One of lists ran in 2006 as "The New Zionism" list of the HaZionut HaHadasha.

27) Ko'ah HaKesef

Ko'ah HaKesef - LeMigur Shilton HaBankim (Power of Money - for Devastating the rule of the Banks) - no symbols. Ran in 2006 as HaLev. See <>.

28) Zehuyot HaGever BaMishpaha - Ra'ash

Zehuyot HaGever BaMishpaha - Ra'ash (Man Rights in the Family)  - Ra'ash [the initials of Ra'ayon HaShivion (Idea of Equality). No symbols. Ran in 2006 as Tzedek LaKol - Ra'ash.

29) Miflaget Or

image from <>

Miflaget Or (Party of Light) - new list which adopted the principals of Humanism,  freedom and equality as well as separation between state and religion. Logo at <>

30) Akhrayut

image from <>

Akhrayut - Lev Ehad VeRu'akh Hadasa (Responsibility - One heart and a New Soul). New list that advocate change in the political and government systems. Logo at <>.

31) Brit Olam

image from <>

Brit Olam LeMa'an Yeladenu (Global Convant for our children) - Second run after 2006 elections, with a new logo at  <>.

32) Lev

Lev (Heart) - No new symbols for this party as in 2006 elections.

33) Lohame Hevra Me'uhadim

image from <>

Lohame Hevra Me'uhadim (United Social Fighters), ran as Lehem in 2006. The new logo at <> didn't save them from last place in the elecctions.  

Dov Gutterman, 10 and 18 February 2009