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Likud Party (Israel)

Mifleget HaLikud, HaLikud Tnu'a'a Le'umit Liberalit,

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[Likud Party (Israel)]
image by Željko Heimer| 2:3

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The headquarters of the Likud Party in Tel Aviv flies four flags:

  1. Israeli national flag
  2. Blue logo on national background
  3. White logo over blue background
  4. Betar flag

Dov Gutterman, 14 November 2001

This week there was the "official" begining of 2003 elections campeign. (Elections due to 28 January). I am watching the TV promotions just to see if any flags are used.
I saw the flag of the Likhud Party – white logo (stylized name) on blue background.
Dov Gutterman, 9 January 2003

Full name in 2003 elections: HaLikud im Ariel Sharon LeRosh HaMemshala (HaLikud (=joined together) with Ariel Sharom for Prime Minister)
Letters: Mem-Het-Lamed (MAHAL)
Flag/logo: White logo (stylized name) on blue.
Dov Gutterman, 17 and 28 January 2003

The Likud was the big winner of the 2003 elections (39 seats, a gain of 20). Many white logo on blue flags could be seen at the party headquarters celebrations. It seems the previously reported flag of a logo on national background is obsolete and not in use anymore.
Dov Gutterman, 29 January 2003

Interestingly, the logo incorporates a flag, of sorts: The "lamed" in "Likud" has a decorative flourish at the top that looks like a flag.
Nathan Lamm, 29 January 2003

HaLikud (Consolidation) list for General Elections of 2006 is named "HaLikud im Benyamin Netanyahu LeRashut HaMemshala" (The Likud with Benyamin Netanyahu for Prime-Ministership) and was submitted by HaLikud Tnu'a'a Le'umit Liberalit (The Likud - National Liberal Movement). It is led by former PM Netanyahu and is using its letters mem-het-lamed (and therefore sometimes called also "mahal")
This right wing party was founded in 1973 as a union of center and right wing parties: Herut (Freedom) Movement (founded 1949 by former ETZEL (a.k.a "Irgun") members) and the Liberal Party (which was a 1961 union of the "General Zionists" and "The Progressive Party", both founded in 1949). The two major ingredients had already ran together since 1965 but in 1973 were also joined by other minor parties and groups such as HaReshima HaMamlakhtit (The State List), HaMerkaz HaHofshi (The Free Center) etc. In 1977 it first took power and since then it was either the biggest or second largest party. PM's Begin, Shamir, Netanyahu and Sharon came from this party.
The party had 40 seats in the 16th Knesset but the decision of PM Sharon to retire from the party and to found Kadima was a big blow, and 14 of its Knesset members joined the new party.
got a big blow in 2006 elections getting only 12 seats (same as Shas but with fewer voters). It seems that even being the biggest party of the opposition will not save it from the expected internal turmoil.
The logo of the Likud is its name with the top of the "lamed" lengthen to look like a pennant. The flag is white logo on blue.
Source: Party web site
Dov Gutterman, 7 June 2006

Former Flag until ca. 2000

[Likud Party, former flag until ca.2000 (Israel)]
image by Željko Heimer | 8:11

The Likud party flags show their logo [instead of the Magen David] on the national flag.
Dov Gutterman, 13 December 2000

This is not an official flag and has no specifications, but it is hoisted in front of the party headquarters in Tel-Aviv. The size of the emblem could differ from one production series to another. I guess it depends in who the manufacturer is.
Dov Gutterman, 21 August 2001

Betar Youth Movement

Joseph Trumpeldor Union / Brit Yosef Trumpeldor

Ma'ariv newspaper of 8th June 2001 showed this picture of a demonstration in Jerusalem. The flag is the flag of Betar youth movement, which is strongly connected with the Kherut (Freedom) movement, the main part of Likud, one of the major parties in Israel. Betar are the initials of Brit Yosef Trumpeldor, Joseph Trumpeldor Union, after an Israeli hero. The youth movement also operates sport clubs one of which is the famous Betar Jerusalem F.C. The flag is a gold menorah on blue with Betar name in Hebrew and English.
Dov Gutterman, 11 June 2001

The BETAR flag flying at the headquarters of the Likud Party in Tel Aviv is blue with the gold BETAR emblem (Menorah with the inscription BETAR below).
Dov Gutterman, 14 November 2001

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Likud Pride flag

[Likud Party, former flag until ca.2000 (Israel)] image located by Esteban Rivera

Likud Pride (Hebrew: גאווה בליכוד‎, Romanized: Ga'ava BaLikud) is a conservative LGBT organization founded in 2011 and linked to the Israeli right-wing Likud party.
Its flag is the logo ( over a white horizontal background.
For additional information go to Likud Pride (official website):
Esteban Rivera, 4 February 2022