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Republic of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz Respublikasy, Kirghizia

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Local government flag ?

[government flag ?] by Zoltan Horvath

Here is flag very popular in mayors offices and ceremonies but I don't know a status of this flag. Anyone? The flag if red with national CoA.
Tomislav Šipek, 17 April 2017

Par exemple:
Jens Pattke, 17 April 2017

The source that Jens provides ( and the one that Tomislav ( provides, both show the same flag:
- Jens' link of the flag:
- Tomislav's link of the flag (second flag from left to right):
The flag is a rectangular red horizontal flag with the (National Emblem in the middle (a GIF already sent by Jens). This link is the official website of the Issyk-Kul Sustainable Development Project for toilets (water sanitation, sources: and although it is not likely that this is the flag of the project, since they have a different logo.
Here's the same flag (, source: reported by Jens, in a vertical manner (second vertical flag from left to right, next to the Kazakhstan Presidential vertical flag).
The formal name of the Emblem (CoA) is State Emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic, (K?rg?z Respublikas?n?n Mamlekettik gerbi), and it was adopted on january 14, 1994. It was designed by A. Abdraev and S. Dubanaev. Description is as follows: its colors are white and light blue, color of courage and generosity, with the image of a white hawk waving its wings inside a circle in the middle, the lake is located just behind the mountain ranges of Tian Shan and sun rays. To the left and right of the CoA, wheat (top) and cotton (bottom) are displayed. In the upper part, the name of the country appears in "Kyrgyz" and below "Respublikasy".
Sources: (Office of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic official website) and
Now, tha flag is most likely a government flag (perhaps the Ministry of Interior or an alternate Government organization of some sort). I'm discarding the Supreme Council because they have a different logo.
Another image of the flag is found here: (source:
The formal name of the State Flag is: (English): National flag of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kirg):, K?rg?z Respublikas?n?n Mamlekettik tuusu. This flag was designed by the following committee: E. Aidarbekov), B. Zhaichybekov, S. Iptarov, J. Mataev and M. Sydykov) Sources: and
After seeing several pictures (i.e., (source: , in which the flag is seen again (third flag from left to right), in this case in the officie of the Mayor of the city of Tokmok (city of Tokmok) I have come to the conclussion that the flag reported by Jens (red background and National Emblem) is also the official flag of the country because it is seen in public offices around the country. We could label it "Government" flag, since the official website that features such color combination (red background and National Emblem) is here: (source: ) and the website claims to be the THE GOVERNMENT OF THE KYRGYZ REPUBLIC, KIRGIZ RESPUBLIKASININ ÖKMÖTÜ.
Esteban Rivera, 17 April 2017

Several days ago I asked Kyrghyzstan Embassy in Russia about "UFE" - red flag with COA. Press-secretary of the Embassy G.Baiymbetova answered me 26.04.2017: "There are no any state body which adopted this flag. This variant is not official"
Victor Lomantsov, 2 May 2017

This flag we currently display under such title is that of "State Agency of Intellectual Property and Innovation under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyzpatent)".
Esteban Rivera, 6 January 2024

I dont think this flag really the flag of State Agency of Intellectual Property. The emblem in the centre is not the Agency logo but State coat of arms.
Victor Lomantsov, 12 January 2024

Flag of the Government, a red flag charged with the national emblem in the center, flown and displayed by government institutions and agencies without their own agency/institutional flags, as well as by municipal and city government units. The flag is displayed in offices alongside the national flag. Image of the flag: Photo 1
Zoltan Horvath, 25 June 2024

Flag of the Tax Service

[tax service flag] located by Valentin Poposki at

I came across this news report in The Times of Central Asia:

"Tax Service of Kyrgyzstan Has Its Own Flag

Kyrgyzstan, July 4, 2001 [ 17:39 ]


BISHKEK. Prime minister of Kyrgyzstan Kurmanbek Bakiev signed resolution of the Government of the KR "On confirming a regulation on flag and sign of symbol of tax services of the KR". The document was signed on the eve of professional holiday of workers of tax services of Kyrgyzstan. According to the press service of the state tax inspection under the finance ministry of the KR, the flag was hoisted for the first time in the solemn ceremony on the occasion of significant date."

No picture accompanied the report and there was no mention of the design either.
Jan Oskar Engene, 16 October 2001

Kyrgyzstan Tax Service got its flag and emblem on June, 29th, 2001. The flag with description in russian is here:
Valentin Poposki, 3 December 2005

According Regulation on Flag and Sign of Tax Service of Kyrgyz Republic (adopted by decision No305 of Government of Kyrgyz Republic, 29, June, 2001):
"Flag of Tax Service of Kyrgys Republic is a rectangular field made from silk of blue-green colour, length of the field is 2500 mm, height - 1500 mm. Depiction of the Sign of the Tax Service is placed on the obverse side of the field, distance from upper and hoist edge to the Sign - 300 mm.
Sign of the Tax Service is a blue-green graphic composition inside a circle. An eagle displayed is in the centre of the circle. Inscription "KYRGYZSTAN SALYK KYZMATY" in state language is placed in semicircle in the upper part of the circle . The inscription frames the eagle"
(translated by Victor Lomantsov)

Flag of Ministry of Ecology and Emergencies

[Ministry of Ecology and Emergencies flag] by Jens Pattke after

Flag of Public Prosecution Service

[Public Prosecution Service flag]       [Public Prosecution Service flag] by Jens Pattke after Website of the Public Prosecution Service of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan; photo from Website of the Public Prosecution Service of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

Flag of Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan

[Ministry of Justice flag] by Jens Pattke and António Martins-Tuválkin after

Flag of Rescue Service of the City of Bishkek

[resque service flag] located by Valentin Poposki at

Civil Aviation Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic

[Aviation Agency flag] by Paul Bassinson

Flag of the Civil Aviation Agency of the Kyrgyz Republic (image obtained from
Paul Bassinson, 24 June 2023


National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

[National Bank flag] by Tomislav Šipek (after

[National Bank flag] by Paul Bassinson (image obtained from

National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic id central bank of Kyrgyzstan. Here is the flag -
Tomislav Šipek, 1 July 2023