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National Bolshevik Front (Russia)

Natsional-bolshevistskiy Front - NBF

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official flag
Image by Tomislav Todorović, 04 June 2015

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National Bolshevik Front (Natsional-bol'shevistskiy Front - NBF) was founded in Moscow on 2006-08-29 by former members of National Bolshevik Party who disagreed with its new policies of co-operation with more moderate opposition movements. The new organization has also became a collective member of the Eurasian Youth Movement, with which its members had closely co-operated wile still in their original party. Beside Russia, it has also been active in Ukraine, but never reached the strength and influence which the National Bolshevik Party had, nor has ever been registered as a political party. Still existing, the NBF seems to largely inactive nowadays.
Sources: National Bolshevik Party at Wikipedia - the 2006 split and founding of National Bolshevik Front
National Bolshevik Front website - report from the founding congress 
Tomislav Todorović, 04 June 2015


The official flag is red, charged with an eagle which holds a sword in the dexter talon and a sickle in the sinister talon, all black, and is charged on its breast with a black hammer fimbriated white. Its photos from the 2nd congress of NBF, which took place in Moscow on 2007-05-12, can be found here.
More recent photos were taken at village Talalihino, in Moscow region, on 2012-09-15, and during the NBF members' expedition to Kyrgyzstan, on 2013-07-23 (In all the above source pages, select the area above the top photo to see the text.)
Hammer, sickle and sword probably represent workers, peasants and soldiers, respectively, as in some early Soviet Russian emblems. The whole design is said to originate from the flags used by some extremist groups in Germany during the early 20th century, which the National Bolsheviks, regardless of the organization they belong to, consider their ideological ancestors. Such claims could have been found at some Internet forums during the 2000's, which seem not to exist any more. However, a similar flag, with white charges on black field, was reportedly used in Weimar-era Germany, as shown here. (Image )

more frequently used variant
Image by Tomislav Todorović, 04 June 2015

A more frequently used variant, regarding the frequency of its appearing on the photos, omits the hammer. The best examples are from Samara, on 2006-12-23 on 2007-02-11 and on 2007-03-31 and from Chelyabinsk, on 2007-02-04.
The members often display the flag reverse side instead of the obverse, as was seen in Ulyanovsk, on 2007-02-10 and in Samara, on 2007-03-18 on 2012-04-05
and on 2012-05-01 even though the position of sleeve could clearly enable them to make difference between the two sides, as visible in the photos from Chelyabinsk, taken on 2007-02-04 and from Samara, taken 2007-02-07
(In all the above source pages, select the area above the top photo to see the text.)

unusual design
Image by Tomislav Todorović, 04 June 2015

An unusual design was produced in Odessa, Ukraine and photographed on 2012-12-07 (In the above source page, select the area above the top photo to see the text.)
It was made of a flag of the Soviet Union, to which was added a disc made of white plastic foil on which a black eagle with sword and sickle was printed; instead of the hammer, the eagle was charged on its breast with a white Russian cross - or more precisely, its mirror-image (note the position of the slanted bar). The flag created this way is another example of vexillological oxymora so favored by the National Bolsheviks.
Tomislav Todorović, 04 June 2015

Other flags

In the early years of NBF, its members also used the original National Bolshevik red flags with black hammer and sickle on white disc. Their use was photographed in Samara, on 2006-11-07. The NBF members, being automatically the members of Eurasian Youth Movement as well, also use its flags, as seen in Moscow, on 2006-11-14 in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on 2006-11-30 and in Samara, on 2007-03-31.
Tomislav Todorović, 04 June 2015

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