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Political flags of East Timor

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  • Parties active (also) after 2002
    • A.D. - Aliansa Demokratika (Democratic Alliance): 2007-
    • Apodeti - Associação Popular Democrática de Timor (Timor People’s Democratic Association): 1975-
    • A.S.D.T. - Associação Social-Democrata Timorense (Timorese Social-Democratic Association)
    • C.N.R.T. - Congresso Nacional da Reconstrução Timorense (National Congress for Timorese Rebuilding): 2007-
    • FUN - Fórum de Unidade Nacional (National Unity Forum)
    • FM - Frenti Mudansa / Frente Mudanca (Changed Front)
    • Fretilin - Frente Revolucionária de Timor-Leste Independente (Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor): 1975
    • KOTA - Klibur Oan Timor Asuwain / Confederação dos Povos de Timor (Timor Peoples’ Confederation)
    • KHUNTO - Kmanek Haburas Unidade Nasional Timor Oan
    • L.D.P. - Liga Democrática Progressiva (Democratic Progressive League)
    • MUN - Movimento para a Unidade Nacional (Movement for National Unity)
    • Parentil - Partido Republika National Timor Leste (East Timor National Republic Party)
    • P.D. - Partido Democrático (Democratic Party)
    • P.D.C. - Partido Democrata Cristão (Christian-Democratic Party)
    • P.D.R.T. - Democratika Republica de Timor (Democratic Millenium Party)
    • P.D.L. - Partidu Democrática Liberal/Partido Democrática Liberal (Democratic Liberal Party)
    • P.D.M. - Partai Demokratik Maubere (Maubere Democratic Party)
    • P.D.N. - Partido do Desenvolvimento Nacional (National Development Party)
    • P.L. - Partai Liberal (Liberal Party)
    • P.L.P.A. - Partidu Liberta Povu Aileba (Aileba People's Liberty Party)
    • P.M.D. - Partido Milénio Democrático (Democratic Millenium Party)
    • P.N.T. - Partido Nacionalista Timorense (Timorese Nationalist Party)
    • P.P.T. - Partido do Povo de Timor (Timor People’s Party)
    • P.R. - Partidu Republikanu (Republican Party)
    • P.S.D. - Partido Social-Democrata (Social-Democratic Party)
    • P.S.T. - Partido Socialista de Timor (Socialist Party of Timor)
    • P.T.D. - Partido Timorense Democrático (Democratic Party of Timor)
    • P.T.T. - Partido Trabalhista Timorense (Timorese Labour Party)
    • PUN - Partido Unidade Nacional (National Unity Party)
    • U.D.C. / P.D.C. - Partido Democrata-Cristão de Timor (Christian-Democratic Party of Timor)
    • U.D.T. - União Democrática Timorense (Timorese Democratic Union)
    • Undertim - União Nacional Democrática de Resistência Timorense (National Democratic Union of Timorese Resistence): 2005-
  • Political movements before 2002 (see also: History)
    • Aditla - Associação Democrática para a Integração de Timor Leste na Austrália (Democratic Association for the Integration of East Timor into Australia): 1974-1975
    • Apodeti - Associação Popular Democrática de Timor (Timor People’s Democratic Association): 1975-
    • B.L.L.T. - Bureau de Luta para a Libertação de Timor (Battle Bureau for the Liberation of Timor): 1961-1963
    • C.N.R.T. - Conselho Nacional de Resistência Timorense (National Council of East Timorese Resistance): 1998-2001
    • Falintil - Forças Armadas de Libertação Nacional de Timor Leste (Armed Forces of National Liberation of East Timor): -2001
    • Fretilin - Frente Revolucionária de Timor-Leste Independente (Revolutionary Front of Independent East Timor): 1975-
    • KOTA - Klibur Oan Timor Asuwain / Confederação dos Povos de Timor (Timor Peoples’ Confederation)
    • Democratic Republic of East Timor (self proclaimed 1975 by Fretilin)
    • U.D.T. - União Democrática Timorense (Timorese Democratic Union)
    • U.R.T.-D. - (Union of the Republic / United Republic of Timor): 1961-1963
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2012 election

An interesting photo was published showing many political flags (image archived here). Trying to identify these flags:

1: Fretilin
2: unknown
3: Maybe P.S.T. - Partido Socialista de Timor
4: a green flag
5: a white flag
6: C.N.R.T. - Congresso Nacional da Reconstrução Timorense
7: Maybe P.N.T. - Partido Nacionalista Timorense
8: unknown
9: P.P.T. - Partido do Povo de Timor
10: P.D.C. - Partido Democrata Cristão
11: hidden behind the national flag
12: P.S.D. - Partido Social-Democrata
13: P.M.D. - Partido Milénio Democrático
14: A.D. - Aliansa Demokratika
15: P.L.P.A. - Partidu Liberta Povu Aileba
16: P.D.R.T. - Democratika Republica de Timor
17: unknown
18: P.L. - Partai Liberal (new version)
19: unknown
20: U.D.T. - União Democrática Timorense
21: P.D. - Partido Democrático
22: unknown
23,24: hidden behind pillar, maybe two flags
2nd to rightmost: unknown
rightmost: unknown

António Martins and J. Patrick Fischer, 16 March 2012

There are several new parties with new flags. Some can be found at: [t91ll]. Party flags start out on p. 216.
J. Patrick Fischer, 18 May 2012

June 2007 parliament election

Last June 30th parliament elections were held in East Timor and there are quite a few changes: There are new parties, others disappeared, yet others changed names — and there are new and changed flags, too!
António Martins, 07 September 2007

New parties in Timor-Leste and new party flags. Here are some pictures of the flags of the parties which are taken place at elections in June 2007.
J. Patrick Fischer, 31 May 2007

Main sources for the official flags used this election are the ETAN page, and a 8-page leaflet in Tetum with a short campaign statement from each party, complete with flag, Vota ba partidu ne’ebé ita hakarak [t9l07]. At the Parliament website, some parties (not necessarily the larger) have their own page: some of these show either their flag or logo. Interesting that the ballot paper shows most party logos as flags. This is never done in Portugal, and as far as I know party flags are not a big issue in Australia either (these two being the foreign countries that most influenced the Timorese electoral process). This relative popularity of party flags is surely something that evolved locally, perhaps also influenced by Indonesian practice.
António Martins, 7 September 2007

April 2007 presidential election

I am not at all very surprised to witness the disappearance of most parties who run for the 2001 elections.
António Martins, 07 April 2007

At least some parties will go further. I am collecting information as far as possible about the Timorese elections via internet. These are the candidates for presidential elections:

  • José Ramos-Horta, supported by UNDERTIM.
  • Francisco Xavier do Amaral, president of ASDT.
  • Fernando La Sama de Araújo, member of PD.
  • João Carrascalão, president of UDT.
  • Francisco Guterres, member of FRETILIN.
  • Lúcia Lobato, member of PSD
  • Avelino Coelho da Silva , member of PST
  • Manuel Tilman, general-secretary of KOTA
J. Patrick Fischer, 08 April 2007

In the presidential election of 2007.04.07, the ballot paper identified candidates with a flag design, along a photo and full name, as usual:

  • Candidate Manuel Tilman used the same design as A.D. in the june 2007 parliament elections.
  • Candidate Francisco Guterres a.k.a. Lu Olo was shown with the flag of Fretilin,
  • candidates João Viegas Carrascalão and Fernando de Araújo a.k.a. Lassama with no flag at all,
  • and the remaining candidates (Avelino M. Coelho a.k.a. Shalar Kosi F. F., Franciso Xavier do Amaral, Lúcia Maria Brandão Freitas Lobato, and José Ramos Horta) were identified by the national flag, and quite shockingly so in my opinion.
António Martins, 09 September 2007

August 2001 parliament election

East Timor is preparing for elections, as a step on the way to independence. Party flags are appearing, as can be seen from news photos like these:

The emblems of the parties can be seen in this directory:
Jan Oskar Engene, 28 August 2001

Adding to the 16 parties (PDC, UDC/PDC, APODETI, UDT, PNT, PPT, PST, PD, PL, PTT, KOTA, PARENTIL, FRETILIN, PDM, ASDT and PSD), five individual candidates also run to the August 2001 elections, of which two are identified by means of their personal ex-libris — I know nothing of these being used on flags…
António Martins, 22 September 2001

UNTAET’s Regulation No. 2001/2:

On the election of a constituent assembly to prepare a constitution
for an independent and democratic East Timor

Section 24

A political party … shall be deemed to be registered … if the Chief Electoral Officer is satisfied … that the political party does not have a symbol which is the same as or similar to the flag of another nation, any currently used military symbol or insignia, the Falintil symbol, or the National Council of East Timorese Resistance symbol …
Quite interesting, isn’t it? It seems that Falintil/CNRT-derived flags are to be reserved for the new national symbol
Jan Zrzavy, 28 April 2001

It allows symbols based on the red-yellow-black arrowhead flag, entirely connoted to the most radical independentist tendencies. But I guess it would have been hard to avoid it with anything short of a direct reference…
Jorge Candeias, 28 April 2001

Movement for National Unity / National Unity Forum

Another party in the news is the National Unity Forum FUN, another anti-FRETILIN-party. I am not sure, if it is the same party like the Movement for National Unity MUN, a daughter of the street gang organization Colimau 2000, which I found in some reports before. Colimau 2000 had important roles in the ethnical clashes in 2006 in Timor-Leste. It is suspect of criminal actions like robbery, extortion and arson. Colimau 2000 has it center in the districts of Ermera and Bobonaro in the west of the country.
J. Patrick Fischer, 08 April 2007

Democratic Progressive League

At the official blog of U.D.T., a new party is announced to have been created in June 2007 ("yesterday," they say on an undated page?): The Liga Democrática Progressiva (“Democratic Progressive League”, though the correct word in Portuguese would be "Progressista"), joins all six smaller parties, which received no seats in the Parliament:

These six parties have supposedly divergent ideologies and agendas, but that doesn’t stop other political groupings. No news for now about an emblem or flag.
António Martins, 10 September 2007