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Cincinnati Reds (U.S.)

Major League Baseball, MLB, National League Central, NL-Central

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[Cincinnati Reds official flag]
image by Randy Young, 15 March 2019

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Introduction: Cincinnati Reds
Cincinnati Red Stockings (1882-1889), Cincinnati Reds (1890-1953), Cincinnati Redlegs (1954-1958), Cincinnati Reds (1959-present)

The Cincinnati Reds compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the National League (NL) Central division. The franchise was created in 1882 as a founding member of the now defunct American Association. With the failure of the American Association, the Reds transferred to the rival National League in 1890, where they still compete today.

The team currently plays their home games at Cincinnati's Great American Ball Park (2003-present). Before that, they played at Riverfront Stadium (1970-2002); Crosley Field, Palace of the Fans, and League Park (all different names for the same ballpark, 1884-1970); and Bank Street Grounds (1882-1883).

The Reds have won five World Series championships in the team's history, including against the Chicago White Sox in 1919, the Detroit Tigers in 1940, the Boston Red Sox in 1975, the New York Yankees in 1976, and the Oakland A's in 1990. Additionally, the Cincinatti Reds have won nine National League pennants in the team's history.

Note: Be aware that in the early years baseball teams used pennants rather than flags, and a host of manufacturer's variants of these pennants and later fan flags were marketed for the Reds and their fans. They include flags, banners, and pennants too numerous to all be shown here.
Randy Young, 15 March 2019

About the flag

The official flag of the Cincinnati Reds features their current logo centered on a red field. The current logo, adopted in 1999, shows a stylized white "C," fimbriated black and red, with the word "REDS" in white capital letters within the "C."

The team's flag is also sometimes shown on a black or white field in addition to the traditional red.
Randy Young, 15 March 2019

Previous flags

[Cincinnati Reds previous flag]
image by Randy Young, 23 March 2019

Previous flags of the Cincinnati Reds used the team's old logos, including the example above, which features the 1968-1992 logo centered on a red field. The logo itself features a Reds player with a baseball as his head running in front of red wishbone letter "C" and wordmark "CINCINNATI REDS" in white on the red letter.
Randy Young, 23 March 2019

Commemorative flags

A number of commemorative flags exist for the Cincinnati Reds and their fans. Most common among these are the pennants that are awarded to the teams that capture the American League and National League championships, as well as the winners of the annual World Series between the two league pennant winners.
Randy Young, 16 March 2019

World Series flags

[Cincinnati Reds World Series flag example]
image by Randy Young, 16 March 2019

In the case of the Cincinnati Reds, the flags that fly at their home stadium to celebrate their World Series victories take the form of a white broad pennant, the top, bottom, and fly edged in red, with the team logo in red and the year and the words "WORLD CHAMPIONS" in red capital letters.
Randy Young, 16 March 2019

Division Championship flags

In Major League Baseball, a team that wins their respective league championship prior to reaching the World Series is said to have "won the pennant." This refers to the original reward for said team, which was the authorization to fly at their home field a pennant denoting the team as the champions. This tradition continues today, with teams that have "won the pennant" flying at their home stadiums pennants representing their historical championships.
Randy Young, 23 February 2019

Fan flags

Stars and Stripes team flags

[Cincinnati Reds stars and stripes flag example] [Cincinnati Reds stars and stripes flag example]
image by Randy Young, 15 March 2019 image by Randy Young, 23 March 2019

These popular variants of the American national flag have been produced for all the MLB teams and displayed by their enthusiastic fans. In the canton of the first illustrated here, the white stars of the national flag have been removed and replace with the current Reds logo on a red canton. The 13 red and white stripes remain. The second variant shown here features the Reds' wishbone "C" logo as well as less stripes and less stars, 11 red and black stripes and 17 stars on a black canton to be exact. Both of these designs can be found incorporating either of the team's logos in the canton.
Randy Young, 23 March 2019

Logo flags

[Cincinnati Reds logo flag example]
image by Randy Young, 23 March 2019

There are any number of Reds fan flags that feature variations of the team's logos. The example above features on a red field the running baseball-head player from the 1968-1992 logo, but without the wishbone "C" or the name of the team.
Randy Young, 23 March 2019

Man Cave flags

[Cincinnati Reds Man Cave flag example]
image by Randy Young, 15 March 2019

These flags tend to be more popular among NFL football fans, but can also be found for baseball fans. The flags feature the team's colors and logo and declare the area to be part of the "Man Cave" for fans of that team.
Randy Young, 15 March 2019

A House Divided

[Toronto Blue Jays-Cincinnati Reds rivalry flag]
image by Pete Loeser, 4 April 2019

A series of flags has been created for those fans who live in households with members who support rival teams. These flags feature the logos of the two rival teams on a field that appears to be ripped in half, with the words "A HOUSE DIVIDED" in white letters across the top.
Randy Young, 24 March 2019

Yacht flag

[Cincinnati Reds yacht flag]
image by Randy Young, 28 April 2019

For those Cincinnati Reds fans who own yachts or sailboats and want to display their team loyalty, a separate flag is sold for them. The flag takes the form of a red and black burgee with the Reds' wishbone "C" logo.
Randy Young, 28 April 2019