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Venezuela - Pre-2006 National and State Flag

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National Flag in circular and straight up stars allignment
image by Željko Heimer, 18 August 2003

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From <>:
"Venezuela 1954 Flag: The Venezuelan coat-of-arms is incorporated to the yellow stripe's hoist in the 1930 flag. This design is the current one and belongs to the National Flag, Coats-of-Arms and Anthems Law, published in the Official Gazette on February 17th 1954."
Located by Dov Gutterman, Translated by Santiago Dotor , 15 June 1999

In The Statesman's Yearbook 1993/94 I read: National flag: Three horizontal stripes of yellow, blue and red with an arc of 7 white stars in the center, and the national arms in the canton.
At <>, there are the national symbols, among which the bandera with the Coat of Arms in the canton.
Jarig Bakker, 16 September 1999

After a second query (including speaking to venezuelians), I come to the conclusion that the flag with the Coat of Arms is the state flag (and naval ensign), and that the civil flag & ensign has no Coat of Arms (only triband with arc of stars in the blue stripe).
Armand Noel du Payrat, 17 September 1999

The State Flag (with the coat of arms) is of civil use as well, and I have not seen an presidential standard, or military flag or naval ensign that would be different to that flag. I have, though seen that,in formal rooms, like the office of the Presidents and the heads of Congressa flag with a golden-yellow fringe (not a border) is used. I am told it is mainly decorative. Every citizen is allowed to use the flag, although it should be respected . I have never seen a flag on an office building without the coat of arms on the hoist end of the yellow stripe.
Guillermo Aveledo, 24 September 1999

I have seen the Venezuelan national flag flown at the border crossing on the international bridge between Colombia and Venezuela (State of Táchira - San Antonio and the Department of Norte de Santander, Cúcuta) without the Coat of Arms. At the same time, half a block up the street, at the Headquarters of the National Police, the flag did have the Coat of Arms. In my travels to Colombia, always to the border area, I frequently go from Cu'cuta to San Antonio. I see the Venezuelan flag without the Coat of Arms on public and government buildings as often as I see the flag with the Coat of Arms. There seems to be no consistency in the use of the flag, at least not in the border area between the State of Táchira and the Colombian Department of Norte de Santander. In fact, I saw a Venezuelan flag in front of the Venezuelan conulate in Cúcuta without a Coat of Arms.
Hunter Hutchinson, 21 January 2000

And I have seen the venezuelan flag with an "outlined" Coat of Arms, that is, just the outlines where there and the Coat of Arms was black outlines "filled" in yellow. It was either on TV (most likely) or in a newspaper photo that I can't find right now.
Jorge Candeias, 21 January 2000

All of this is true and it happens. Venezuelan Flag Law is not heavily enforced, and there are no attemps to do so. Many Official State buildings use flags with no Coat of Arms (I must remind you that the Venezuela flag with the Coat of Arms is the State flag, according to the law). Even so, many flags are manufactured, again, under almost no quality checks, with oultined Coat of Arms, and Jorge described. I've been told that its is due to the fact that to print or to sew a Coat of Arms would result in flags with prohibitive costs for the buyers. Nonsense, flags are done that way, and common buyers shouldn't need a Coat of Arms on their flags. But, in any case, it happnes, just as it happens with the shades of the tricolori, the size of the Coat of Arms, the width and lenght of the flag and the arch of stars I have with me a desk flag stand with the Spanish and the Venezuelan flag, made in Spain, and the Spanish flag has the proper colours on its Coat of Arms, whereas the Venezuelan flag has an outlined Coat of Arms. It happens, thought it shouldn't happen, and it doesn't raise any eyebrows...
At top there are what would be a "right" depiction of the flag and here are some wrong variants.
Guillermo Aveledo, 29 Febuary 2000

About the coat of arms, everybody knows in this country that the official and war flags DO HAVE
the coat of arms, but the civil flag DO NOT. I am not an authorized specialist on this theme, but I can assure it.
Pablo Acosta Ríos, 14 June 2000

According to Album 2000 Corr 3 [pay03] - National Flag (CSW/CSW (2:3) - Horizontal tricolour of yellow over blue over red with the coat of arms in the canton in yellow stripe and sever white five-pointed stars in a arc in the middle of the blue stripe.
Željko Heimer, 18 August 2003


A flag with Coat of Arms outlined in black
image by Guillermo Aveledo , 29 Febuary 2000

A flag with a ocre frame around the Coat of Arms
image by Guillermo Aveledo , 29 Febuary 2000

Allow me to explain this variant: this ocre frame might be only a visual effect produced by heavy knitting; however, I've only seen such effect on flags hoisted by the Ministry of Foreing Affairs at the Chancellorship. All their flags have that, and I've seen that under different lights and circumstances.
Guillermo Aveledo, 29 Febuary 2000

National flag with the Coat of Arms delineated in black, end of 20th Century: a product of free interpretation, omits the enamels in the National Coat of Arms with net commercial aims and because is not being including on the Law of National Flag, Coat of Arms and Anthem in force, it must be considered an adulteration.
Raul Orta, 7 July 2002

Venezimbol Version

image by Željko Heimer, 18 August 2003

The exact graphical layout of the state flag (and therefore all the others in the line) is never established and Venezuelan Association of Symbollogy - VENEZIMBOL is trying to promote a version that they deem is preferable.
The technical details - the stars are here positioned on an imaginary circle with diameter 5/6 of the hoist centered in the middle of the red stripe. The stars are inscribed in circle with diameter 2/15 of the hoist and are distributed every 17.5 degrees. Nice and simple.
Željko Heimer, 18 August 2003