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Humor in Vexillology

Fun with Vexillological Non-Terminology

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Can vexillology be fun? Sometimes, when we go a little off-the-wall (or in some instances show our warped)1 sense or humor. What happens when we "let down our flags?" Well, here's a few takes on some vexillological "words" we thought up:

  • Bivexual: to fly 2 flags on the same pole (an act considered unnatural and obscene according to vexillorthodoxy) (Marc Pasquin)
  • Discovex - a 1970s flag musical genre. (Phil Nelson)
  • Embedded vexillologist - a vexillologist who works with news reporters. (Phil Nelson)
  • Exovexillology, n.: a branch of vexillology studying aliens' flag usage. (Jan Mertens)
  • Flaggid - the kind of rubbery state your muscles get in when you've been tossing flags and vexi-jargon around all day (John Udics)
  • Flagoid, n.: a vexillomorph in cyberspace. (Jan Mertens)
  • Flexivex - a gymnast who uses flags in his/her performances (Phil Nelson)
  • Frankenvex - a hideous and monstrous flag. (Phil Nelson)
  • Hexvex - Druid rituals involving flags. (Phil Nelson)
  • Isovex - An anti-social vexillologist. (Phil Nelson)
  • Monovexy - a group of flags of only one kind (Martin Karner)
  • Narcovex - Breathtaking good / shocking bad flag design (Martin Karner)
  • Paleovexobiology, n.: a branch of biology concerned with ancient flags. (Jan Mertens)
  • Plurivexy - a group of different flags (Martin Karner)
  • Plurivexy - a group of different flags (Martin Karner)
  • Poltervex - a deceased but unrequited vexillologist. (Phil Nelson)
  • Spiritus Vexor - Someone who keeps discussions flag-related (Martin Karner)
  • Televex - Vexillological TV program (Martin Karner)
  • Televexovexillometers telemarketers of flags (John Udics)
  • The Vexiblob - a very bad movie that appeared in the mid-1950s where an alien vexillologist attempts to take over the world. (Phil Nelson)
  • Ttriskaidekavexiphobia - fear of a 13-flag display. (Phil Nelson)
  • Vexacious - what this hobby is, especially to the spouses of us vexillophiles. (William Dunning)
  • Vexantiquarian - collector of old flags. (Christopher Southworth)
  • Vexidancers - Dance group dressed with flags (Martin Karner)
  • Vexidrome - a very big vexillarium (Martin Karner)
  • Vexillagra: facilitates hoisting of a flag... (Lewis Nowitz)
  • Vexillecho: the action to fly a flag because a neighbour from an opposite ethnic group, political view or teams preference just flew one. (Marc Pasquin)
  • Vexilligneous, adj.: a flag likely to be set on fire during demonstrations. See vexilloclast. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexillocentric, adj.: a just and sensible way approach to reality. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexilloclast, n.: a maniac who destroys flags. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexillofonies people who invent false flags, known in other cultures as fauxflaggeurs. (John Udics)
  • Vexillolalia - word-bandying a standard combination of Latin and Greek roots. (William Dunning)
  • Vexillolalia, n.: unceasing flag-talk. Only males are afflicted. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexillomancy, n.: casting the runes, only you don't cast runes, but flags. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexillomania, n.: a craving for vexy things. Laudable. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexillometer an instrument which can read flags at a distance (John Udics)
  • Vexillomorph, adj.: unflaggish. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexillomorph, n.: a flaggish non-flag. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexillonanism: the action to fly a flag by oneself... (Marc Pasquin)
  • Vexillophagy, n.: the eating of flags. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexillophony - measures of flag sounds (John Udics)
  • Vexillphobe - Noun, a person who is afraid of flags, (Zach Harden)
  • Vexillplomacy - Verb, the act of negotiating using flags (Zach Harden)
  • Veximaven - a flag expert (William Dunning)
  • Vexincineration - the politically correct term for flag-burning. (Miles Li)
  • Vexipath, n.: a maniac who spouts vex-nonsense. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexiphobia - fear of flags (Phil Nelson)
  • Vexist - Noun, a person who descriminates against flags (a cousin of vexillphobe), Zach Harden
  • Vexitarians - people who only fly flags not windsocks. (William Dunning)
  • Vexitheology, n.: study and interpretation of the Great God Vexor's creed. In a narrower sense, the teachings of Vexor as propounded by Prapor, his Prophet. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexitrek is traveling about looking for unusual flags, or perhaps also, by extension, traveling on flag business. (William Dunning)
  • Vexment - a costume designed to look like a flag? (James Dignan)
  • Vex-nonsense, n.: what a vexipath spouts. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexobiology, n.: a branch of biology concerned with current flags. (Jan Mertens)
  • Vexoholic - someone who has an adiction to flags and vexillology (Elias Grandqvist)
  • Vexomat - an automate where you can buy flags (mostly seen on vexillological congresses) (Martin Karner)

1Editorial Note and Disclaimer and small print: Any resemblance to any person other then the editor having a "warped" sense of humor is purely coincidental - maybe. Any resemblance to any word in the above list to any real vexillological term is very unlikely, unrealistic and would be truly wierd. Persons who disagree with the interpretations of the contributors may be strict vexiherents of vexillological canonical vexilexicography.
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