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Books and magazines quoted in FOTW pages

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The least serious of the books that I have in my collection that purport to cover the U.S. state flags. It's down to one illustration and one sparse page of text that explains the symbolism and some of the state's history but rarely anything about the flag's history. One example: It illustrates the new Nevada flag (with "NEVADA" below the star rather than circling it) and cheerfully states that the flag was adopted in 1929 with no clarifying remarks. Jon Radel, 1995-OCT-21
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Several hundred pages (about 400 IIRC) filled with historical and contemporary symbols, illustrated in colour and B&W.
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This book goes through the states, giving each one 1 illustration (unlike [smi75], which illustrates the flags at various points in the state's history) and about 2 pages of text. Unlike [bra92], it still attempts to give a serious history of the flag. John Radel, 1995-OCT-21
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This book was in print for a long time. There were editions in 1934 and 1938. The 4th printing of the second edition, which is what I own, came out in 1951. For the flags and seals the author states that the contents of the book simply reports the laws concerning the flag. Inspection shows that this results in uneven coverage, from the 5 lines on the flag of Kentucky to the 7 pages on the flag of Texas filled with detailed regulations on what one could do with the Texan flag. A most useful resource if you're looking for the pre-1940 legislative history of a state flag. John Radel, 1995-OCT-21
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This book is a concious effort to update [sha41]. Its coverage is very similar, though greater editorial input has resulted in somewhat more even coverage, regardless of how verbose a given state legislature was on the subject of their flag. John Radel, 1995-OCT-21
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The earlier edition was copyright 1970. Probably still the best overall reference (what can I say, Dr. Smith does good work), though it is naturally missing all the recent changes. Makes a serious attempt to track the history of the state's flag for each state.John Radel, 1995-OCT-21
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