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Veterans Association, Germany Empire 1933-1945

fahne des deutschen soldatenbundes, deutsches reich 1933-1945

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The Deutscher Kriegerbund (German Warrior League) was a War Veterans' and reservists' Association in Germany. It was established in 1873 in Weißenfels. Following World War I several German veteran groups including "Der Stahlhelm" (The Steel Helmet) were active as War Veterans´ and reservists´ Associations in Germany. However, under the National Socialist government these were all gradually eliminated.
Information from Deutscher Kriegerbund - (Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

I'm not sure Germany had reservists after the Great War. After all, the size of its army was limited; it wouldn't make sense to reduce the numbers further by holding part of the army in reserve. Stahlhelm, I'd say, was more of a militia, one of the forces in the German national war that brought Hitler to power. Either way, its history might not be relevant for the Kriegervereine, that weren't so much about warfare as about care.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 20 March 2011

Flag of the German Imperial War Association (DRKB) 1933-c1934
Fahne des Deutschen Reichskriegerbundes

Image by Fornax

This was the banner of the Kyffhäuserbund until around 1934. The Kyffhäuserbund (Kyffhäuser League) was an umbrella organization for War Veterans´ and Reservists´ Associations in Germany. The Deutscher Kriegerbund began the efforts to build a memorial that would honor and represent the German warriors in 1888. This monument, located on top of the 473 m high Kyffhäuser mountain was finally inaugurated in 1896. The Kyffhäuser Mountain is near Bad Frankenhausen in the State of Thuringia in Central Germany.
Information from Kyffhäuserbund - (Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

I'd say the Kriegervereine of the separate Länder together had the Kyffhäuser monument built. The missing link would seem to be that from this collaboration rose the Kyffhäuserbund as a federation of Kriegervereine. But the German members might understand such details better. (And they might be able to create a contribution under our own license.) Do we know anything of possible banners of the Kyffhäuserbund before 1934, of even from the Kriegervereine of the separate Länder, or of the Deutscher Kriegerbund and other organisations along the way?
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 20 March 2011

Pennant for the German Imperial Warrior Association 'Kyffhäuser' e.V. 1933-1938
Wimpel für den Deutschen Reichskriegerbund 'Kyffhäuser' e.V.

Image by Fornax

The difficult circumstances of World War I´s postwar years led to a significant shrinking of the veterans' associations and their role. In 1921, during the Weimar Republic, this organization centralized itself under a common leadership and changed its name to "Deutscher Reichskriegerbund 'Kyffhäuser' e.V." (German Warriors Association 'Kyffhäuser').
Information from Deutscher Kriegerbund - (Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

Flag of the National Socialist Reich War Association (NSRKB) 1938-1943
Fahne des Nationalsozialistischen Reichskriegerbundes

Image by Fornax

This is the Banner of the Reichskriegerbund 'Kyffhäuser' during the times of the Third Reich. In the name of Gleichschaltung, the Kyffhäuserbund was nazified after the Nazi takeover of power in 1933. Five years later, its name was altered to "NS-Reichskriegerbund 'Kyffhäuser' e.V." (Nationalsocialist Reich Warriors Association 'Kyffhäuser'), becoming the sole and exclusive organization representing the Veterans´ interests in the Third Reich.
Information from Deutscher Kriegerbund - (Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

Flag of the German Soldier´s Association (DSB) 1933-1945
Fahne des Deutschen Soldatenbundes

Image by Fornax

This is the flag of the Nazi Veterans Association. The Nazi era Government absorbed the several veterans groups such as the Stahlhelm (steel helmet) and the Kyffhauser bund (Kyffhauser bunch) to create a centralized Nazi controlled veteran´s association.
Chuck Linderman, 19 August 2007

Flag of the National Socialist War Victim's Care (NSKOV) 1939-1945
Fahne der Nationalsozialistischen Kriegsopferversorgung

    Images by Fornax

The Kyffhäuserbund was swiftly and unceremoniously disbanded during the Second World War, in March 1943, by Adolf Hitler himself. Its assets in the whole Reich were transferred to the NSDAP. All its surviving local associations, which in the last phase of the war effort became the breeding ground for Volkssturm units, were also placed under the direct orders of the Nazi Party.

The Nationalsozialistische Kriegsopferversorgung (NSKOV), meaning "National Socialist War Victim's Care" was a social welfare organization for seriously wounded veterans as well as frontline fighters of World War I. The NSKOV was established in 1934 and was affiliated to the NSDAP.
Information from Deutscher Kriegerbund - (Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)


After Nazi Germany's defeat in World War II, the American Military Government issued a special law outlawing the Nazi party and all of its branches. Known as "Law number five", this Denazification decree disbanded the NSKOV, like all organizations linked to the Nazi Party. The organizations taking care of the welfare for World War I veterans had to be established anew during the postwar reconstruction of both West Germany and the DDR.
Information from Deutscher Kriegerbund - (Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia)

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