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DSR 1974-1989 (East Germany)

VEB Deutfracht/Seereederei

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[VEB Deutfrach/Seereederei 1974-1989 (East Germany)] image by Volker Moerbitz Keith, 7 Feb 2001

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In the 1960s, tankers and bulk carriers were taken off the stock of Deutsche Seereederei and formed VEB Deutfracht, an own, thought short lived, company. In 1974 both companies merged back again, from then on until 1989 using the name VEB Deutfracht/Seereederei, the abbreviation DSR and the old DSR flag [without the fly stripe]. In 1990, the container fleet of the company was the founding stock for today's DSR-Senator, the rest was sold to Ferdinand Laeisz.
Flag: horizontal blue-red-blue, with the letters DSR in the red part. Flag ratio 2:3, ratio of the three stripes 1:3:1.

I joined DSR in 1974, right after the merger with Deutfracht. The only flag I remember having used (and still own as a souvenir) is the one with the blue stripe only on top and bottom. I suppose the DSR 1952-1974 flag was changed after the merger, using the DSR letters and the Deutfracht layout.
Volker Moerbitz Keith, 8 Feb 2001

DSR variant

[DSR variant flag] image by Jarig Bakker, 10 Jul 2008

According to Roland the DSR flags on this page are incorrect. I cannot judge on the yellow triangular jack but in the matter of the two rectangular flags shown for VEB Deutsche Seereederei I am in support of his statement lacking any source which backs the images shown. There may be such to prove the first version by Volker and Viktor although as I have previously advised , by the time of Stewart 1963 the version shown on the page for 1974-1989 i.e. triband of blue-red[broad]-blue with the white letters "DSR" was being displayed which conflicts with their version showing a blue vertical band in the fly [incidentally my initial comments referring to the 1978 and 1982 editions apply to Brown and not Stewart].

As far as the 2nd image showing yellow letters by Jens, I have previously pointed out that it does not appear in a copy that I hold of the quoted source "Lexikon der Seefahrt"  by Ulrich Scharnow, published by Transpress 5th edition 1988, nor does it in the 1981 and 1984 editions. Unfortunately the matter has never been resolved which is a great pity for as time goes by the opportunities obviously become less.

To prove my point I am enclosing a scan of the appropriate page in the 1988 Lexikon, which is unchanged from the other mentioned editions, and suggest that unless better proof of the displayed images is forthcoming then it be clearly stated that they are non proven. Otherwise you are giving them a misleading legitimacy.
Neale Rosanoski, 29 Jun 2008

DSR variant #2

[DSR variant #2 flag] image by Jarig Bakker, 10 Jul 2008

There has been an “intermediate” house flag jointly belonging to DSR and Senator, for that period see Neale’s comments (dated 3 May 2004) on this page. It shows a horizontally divided variant dark blue-red-dark blue, without any initials or emblem.  Seems 2:3:2 to me but then this is the proverbial table flag harvested from German eBay offer no. 160099256135 (end 2 Apr 2007).  This item was put up by “cap_frio” (origin: MarCollect), dimensions given as 15 cm x 25 cm.  MarCollect is aintained by Klaus-Peter Bühne, a knowledgeable source.

Comments: “DSR Senator Lines.  This concerns a rare item which existed for a very short period only.  When the former GDR state shipping company, the Deutsche Seerederei, had been privatized by the Treuhand agency and merged with its long standing partner, Senator from Bremen, there was no immediate agreement on the logo to be used.  For the transitional period it was agreed to use the DSR funnel colours without logo.  (In other words, this flag.)  Later the Senator logo was put there.  (Today the definitive DSR Senator Lines flag – after the demerger of both partners – is still the house flag of Senator Lines, Bremen.)”
Jan Mertens, 30 Jun 2008

DSR griffin flag

[DSR griffin flag] image by Jarig Bakker, 10 Jul 2008

A second flag concerns the historically earlier, life-size Deutfracht flag linked to end of page (contributed by Jens, 26 Jun 2002). Another German eBay offer (table flag), it provides detail for a willing giffer.  Details: no. 280176546652 (end 2 Dec 2007), put up by “kernbeisser1940”, dimensions given as 157 mm x 241 mm.
It is stated that the flag was used 1970-1974 by „VEB Deutfracht, Internationale Befrachtung und Reederei“ at Rostock, a merger between „VEB Internationale Befrachtung“ at Berlin and „VEB Deutsche Seereederei“ at Rostock (the latter having done away with special transportation vessels such as tankers, refrigerated ships, ore carriers, etc.).  Merged 1 Jan 1974 as “VEB Deutfracht/Seereederei Rostock”.  (“Befrachtung” means freighting, “Seereederei” means sea-going shipping company.).

This flag is horizontally divided 1:3:1 dark blue-red-dark blue, a white logo in the centre: white border - slightly encroaching upon the blue stripes – enclosing a stylized griffin’s head and wing shaped like an initial ‘F’, both placed upon a horizontal stripe issuing from the right part of the border: all white.
I have no idea whether the flag’s reverse had the griffin face the hoist, too.

On a related point, have a look at a photo of a real DSR flag: Comparing it with the FOTW-ws rendering should not let us conclude that the latter is wrong, as the
initials on the photo have a decidedly modern look. And indeed: Flags for sale (old DSR hands association) and the bow pennant (yellow, black griffin) visible on a photo, in the background: MarCollect whetting the appetite (for future checking).
Jan Mertens, 1 Jul 2008

Deutsche Seereederei Rostock

[Deutsche Seereederei Rostock] image by Jarig Bakker, 2 Feb 2006

Deutsche Seereederei Rostock G.m.b.H., Rostock - horizontal BRB flag; on red white "DSR".
Image after Brown's Flags and Funnels Shipping Companies of the World, compiled by J.L. Loughran, Glasgow, 1995 [lgr95]
Jarig Bakker, 2 Feb 2006