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Alawite State / Sanjak of Latakia 1920-1936 (Syria)

Lattaquie, Autonomous Territory (later State) of the Alawites 1920-1930, Republic of Latakia 1930-19

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[Autonomous State of the Alawites 1923-1930 (Syria)] 2:3
by Santiago Dotor
Flag adopted 1st September 1920

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The Alawite State was created on September 29th 1923, including Alexandretta, and later renamed Sanjak of Latakia after its chief town, September 22nd 1930. White flag, French flag in the canton, triangles in other corners of red, gold sunburst in center. Separate existence as a French mandate in 1920-30 and as a republic in 1930-6. Sources and Credits.
The following is an extract from [Corre 2000 ([Franciae Vexilla, #19/65, September 2000). I have tried to stick to the text as tightly as possible (no interpretation). Possible errors come either from the original text or loose translation from French:

4. Federation of Syria, under French mandate, 1920-1925. (...) The four states of the Federation each had a specific flag with the French Tricolore in canton:
  • State of Alawites: Its complex flag had a white field with a golden sun in the middle, a French Tricolore with optical proportions of the stripes [30+33+37] in canton over 1/3rd of the flag, and a red triangle in every corner of the flag, also inscribed in 1/3rd of the flag. Alternative reproductions of this flag have a Tricolore with equal stripes [1+1+1] and the number of the sunrays is 11, 16 or 20. Original sources: Pierre Fournier and Jean-Louis Riccioli, La France et le Proche-Orient 1916-1946, Casterman, 1996; [Flaggenbuch 1939.
Therefore the Possible Flag Variant ca.1930-ca.1932 design by Jaume Ollé does not come from [Corre 2000, nor do the hypotheses on the number of rays postulated by Jaume Ollé.

The addendum to [Corre 2000 ([Franciae Vexilla, #20/66, December 2000, p. 8) is based on letters kept in the archives of the SHOM [publishers of the French Navy's [Album des Pavillons] in Brest:

A letter from Rear-Admiral Deville, commander of the Levant Naval Division in Beirut, dated 22 August 1930, stated that, (...) "The governments of Jebel Druze and Latakia (Alawites) do not have a specific ensign". Anyway, it seems from other letters that the specific status of Jebel Druze and Lattaquie was maintained until December 1936, and their flags might have been used along with the Syrian flag, but with a lower rank of precedence. In December 1936, both governments were incorporated into Syria and their flags were no longer used.

Ivan Sache, 3 February 2001


The Alawiya religious movement obtain[ed] in 1920 a territory and later State. Flag[s] are unclear. They are reported with sun of 11 rays, 16 rays and 20 rays. The corners are also reported in two patterns. [A] hypothesis is that sun rays must be the administrative divisions: if [this] is true, 11 rays is the oldest flag; later 16 rays; and at end 20. Another design is reported in use 1930-1932. Also exist a variant with map of territory at side of the sun. I suggest that the dates can be the ones of first use, but this is very unclear yet.
Source is [Franciae Vexilla. But image of Alawiya flag is also in [Flaggenbuch 1939, [Vexillinfo and others. For 1930-1932 pattern, sorry, but when I draw it first time some years ago I don't take reference, only image. Order (in time) of the flags is, as I say, a hypothesis.
Jaume Ollé, 25 January 2001

Possible Flag Variant ca.1920-ca.1924

[Alawite State ca.1920-ca.1924 (Syria)]
by Jaume Ollé

Possible Flag Variant ca.1924-ca.1930

[Alawite State ca.1924-ca.1930 (Syria)]
by Jaume Ollé

Possible Flag Variant ca.1930-ca.1932 (probably erroneous)

[Alawite State ca.1930-ca.1932, probably erroneous (Syria)]
by Jaume Ollé

Possible Flag Variant ca.1939

[Alawite State ca.1939 (Syria)]
by Jaume Ollé