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Fictional flags similar to non-fictional flags

Non-fictional flags I - Z

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Non-fictional flags with similar fictional flags:

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Non-fictional flags with the fictional flags that are similar to them

State of Indiana flag

State flag
[Blue flag bearing a torch with rays and stars, and the name, all yellow]
Gotham State

International Olympic Committee's flag

See separate page.

Iranian flag

National flag
[Vertical stripes Red and green with a white separation; a Coat of Arms in the centre.]

Iraqi flag

National flag
The Dictatator
[Green-orange-green, with lettering on the middle stripe.]

Japanese flags

National flag
The Adventures of
Blake and Mortimer

[Japanese flag with disk replaced by eight-pointed star bearig a black circle.]
Yellow Empire
[Japan naval ensign]
Naval ensign
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
[Rays not reaching the sun, in the sun a white character.]
Empire of the Rising Sun
Ogre / G.E.V.
[Top fly quarter of a sun and rays]
The Nihon Empire

Korean flags

North Korea
[North Korea]
National flag
South Korea
[South Korea]
National flag
Battle Born
[South Korean flag with North Korean blue stripes along top and bottom.]
United Republic of Korea

Liberian flag

National flag
Stealing Alabama
[Liberian flag with thirteen stripes.]
United Republic of America
Super Jail!
[Short Liberian flag with eight stripes.]
United States of America

Moldovan flag

National flag
The Terminal
[Moldovan flag with horizontal stripes and different charge.]

Mongolian flag

National flag
[Mongolian flag with altered colours.]

NATO flag

Organisation flag
Ace Combat
[Blue with wide vertical white stripe, bearing eightpointed blue and white faceted star.]

Nazi flag (Germany, 1933-1945)

Nazi flag (Germany, 1933-1945)

See separate page.

Dutch flag (The Netherlands)

The Netherlands
[The Netherlands]
National flag
[Red White Blue with black charge.]

State of New Hampshire flag

New Hampshire
[New Hampshire]
State flag
The Dark Knight
[Blue with yellow starss and coloured seal with ship and year]
Gotham City

North Korean flag

North Korea
[North Korea]
National flag
[North Korean flag with just the white stripes along top and bottom.]
Korean People's Army

Pirates' flags

See separate page.

Soviet flag

See separate page.

Tunesian flag

National flag
Iron Eagle
[Tunesia, but with crossed scimitars and star.]
Unnamed country

United Nations' flag

See separate page.

United States' flags

See separate page.

Western Papua flag

Western Papua
[Western Papua]
Separatist flag
[Western Papua with vertical blue stripes along the blue and white and star higher in the hoist.]
Atlantic Alliance

Western Sahara flag

Western Sahara
[Western Sahara]
National flag
[Western Sahara coloured red, green and yellow.]
National Flag

Yugoslavian flag

[Socialist Yugoslavia]
National flag
The Simpsons
[Socialist Yugoslavia, upper stripe green, star blue and bottom stripe with motto.]
Unnamed state