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Games of the XXIX Olympiad: Beijing 2008

Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics

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[Flag of the XXIX Olympic Games Beijing 2008]
image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 8 August 2008

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The emblem

Every emblem of the Olympics tells a story. The Beijing 2008 Olympic Games emblem "Chinese Seal, Dancing Beijing" is filled with Beijing's hospitality and hopes, and carries the city's commitment to the world.


"Dancing Beijing" is a milestone of the Olympics. It serves as a classic chapter of the Olympic epic inscribed by the spirit of the Chinese nation, calligraphed by the deeper import of the ancient civilization, and molded by the character of Cathay's descendents. It is concise yet deep inside, bringing forth the city's gradual changes and development. It appears dignified yet bears a tune of romance, reflecting the nation's thoughts and emotions.

In the lead up to the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the emblem will attract more and more people from around the world to Beijing and China to join the great celebration with the Chinese people.


"Dancing Beijing" is a Chinese Seal. It is engraved with commitment made to the Olympic Movement by a country that has 56 ethnic groups and a population of 1.3 billion. While witnessing the advocacy of the Olympic Spirit by a nation with both ancient civilization and modern culture, it also unfolds a future-oriented city's pursuit of the Olympic Ideal.

It is a symbol of trust and an expression of self confidence, standing for the solemn yet sacred promise that Beijing - the host city of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games - has made to the world and to all mankind.

"Complete sincerity can affect even metal and stone (literally meaning sincerity smoothes the way to success)." The inception of our ancestors' wisdom and the image of a seal made of metal and stone allow the emblem to present Chinese people's respect and honesty for the Olympics.

The moment we earnestly imprint the emblem with the "Chinese seal", Beijing is about to show the world a grand picture of "peace, friendship, and progress of mankind" and to strike up the passionate movement of "faster, higher, and stronger" for mankind.


"Dancing Beijing" serves as the city's foremost appearance. It is an image that shows the eastern ways of thinking and the nation's lasting appeal embodied in the Chinese characters. It is an expression that conveys the unique cultural quality and elegance of Chinese civilization.

With inspiration from the traditional Chinese art form - calligraphic art, the character "Jing" (the latter of the city's name) is developed into the form of a dancing human being, reflecting the ideal of a "New Olympics". The words "Beijing 2008" also resembles the vivid shapes of Chinese characters in handwriting, voicing in concise strokes of the countless feelings Chinese people possess towards the Olympics.

As people ponder on the rich connotations and charms of these Chinese characters, a "New Beijing" has thus been brought forward.


"Dancing Beijing" is a favorite color of the Chinese people. The color "red" is intensively used in the emblem, pushing the passion up to a new level. It carries Chinese people's longing for luck and happiness and their explanation of life.

Red is the color of the Sun and the Holy Fire, representing life and a new beginning. Red is mind at ease, symbol of vitality, and China's blessing and invitation to the world.


"Dancing Beijing" calls upon heroes. Olympic Games functions as the stage where heroes are made known, miracles created and glories earned, and where every participant constitutes an indispensable part of the occasion.

The powerful and dynamic design of the emblem is a life poem written by all participants with their passion, affections, and enthusiasm. It is an oath every participant takes to contribute power and wisdom to the Olympics.

The emblem cheers for arts and for the Olympic heroes, who pass down the essence of the Olympic Spirit, which well connects sports and cultures.


"Dancing Beijing" extends the totem of the Chinese nation. The form of a running human being stands for the beauty and magnificence of life. Its graceful curves are like the body of a wriggling dragon, relating the past and future of one same civilization; they are like rivers, carrying the century-old history and the nation's pride; they are like veins, pulsing with vitality of life.

The intrinsic values of sports -- athlete-centered and people-oriented - are well defined and upgraded in an artistic way in "the dance of Beijing." We sing if words fail to explain it all, and we dance if the singing does not explicitly tell the meaning.

Vigorous Beijing is looking forward to the celebration in 2008 and the Olympics wait all mankind to dance together.


"Dancing Beijing" is a kind invitation. The open arms in the emblem say that China is opening its arms to welcome the rest of the world to join the Olympics, a celebration of "peace, friendship and progress of mankind."

"Is it not a joy to have friends come from afar?" The idiom portrays the feelings of friendly and hospitable Chinese people and expresses the sincerity of the city.

Come to Beijing, take a good look at the historical heritages of China's Capital city, and feel the pulse of the country's modernization;

Come, share every piece of its joy, and experience the vigor of the country;

Come, and let us together weave a peaceful and wonderful dream.

From the Games of the XXIX Olympiad: Beijing 2008 - official web-site
8 Aug. 2008.

The final emblem was designed by Guo Chunning of AICI (Armstrong International Corporate Identity). "In 2002, his logo design based on Chinese seal was selected among the 1,985 entries contributed by about 1300 designers from China and overseas." (Source)
Esteban Rivera, 8 June 2023

Appointment of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad to Beijing

Several cities have bid for the right to host the Olympic Games of 2008. The final selection of these were:

Most of these cities had flags for their bidding campaigns. In July 2001 in Moscow, Beijing was appointed as host city for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in 2008.
Zachary Harden, 2001.

Other candidate city's emblems


[Emblem of the Osaka's Olympic bid]
image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 8 Aug. 2008.
based on the Report of the IOC Evaluation Commission for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in 2008


[Emblem of the Toronto's Olympic bid]
image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 8 Aug. 2008.
based on the Report of the IOC Evaluation Commission for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in 2008

On EBay is an actual flag. This one speaks only of the "Olympic Bid", thus it would have to be for an early stage. Indeed, the flag does not have the Olympic Rings, as in the bidding process only candidate cities are allowed to use those on their flag.
Here is a shrunk, reduced and and slightly cropped photograph to give an impression.
Peter Hans van den Muijzenberg, 23 June 2015


[Emblem of the Paris' Olympic bid]
image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 8 Aug. 2008.
based on the Report of the IOC Evaluation Commission for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in 2008


[Emblem of the Istambul's Olympic bid]
imageby Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 8 Aug. 2008.
based on the Report of the IOC Evaluation Commission for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in 2008

Torch relay flag

[Emblem of the Beijing's Olympic bid]
source; image by Zachary Harden, 12 January 2022

"The Logo of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Relay owes much of its inspiration to the traditional concept of "fire phoenix", and presents the image of two runners holding the Olympic Flame high. As ancient Chinese legend has it, phoenix is the king of all birds, and symbolizes good fortune, eternity, nobility and happiness. The use of the phoenix image in the Torch Relay logo conveys the idea that the Torch Relay will send the best wishes from the Beijing Olympic Games to people all over China and the rest of the world." (Source)
Esteban Rivera, 8 June 2023

Cultural Festival

[Emblem of the Beijing's Olympic bid]
source; image by Zachary Harden, 19 August 2023

"The design of the Cultural Festival Symbol shows a human being and a lantern dancing joyfully. Lantern is used at every traditional Chinese festival. It symbolizes reunion and other happy occasions, and assembles the soul of the traditional Chinese culture. The Beijing Olympic Cultural Festival is also one of the predominant cultural celebrations of mankind. The whole country is rejoiced at the occasion, while Beijing is decorated with lanterns and streamers to welcome guests from elsewhere." (Source)
Esteban Rivera, 8 June 2023


[Emblem of the Beijing's Olympic bid]
source; image by Zachary Harden, 19 August 2023

[Emblem of the Beijing's Olympic bid]
source; image by Zachary Harden, 19 August 2023

[Emblem of the Beijing's Olympic bid]
image by Eugene Ipavec, 17 January 2008
Source: Yahoo news photograph

"The shape of heart, composed of interweaved hearts, signifies that volunteers, athletes, the Olympic family, and all guests would render service and compassion in a joint effort to glorify the Olympic Movement. The shape of a dancing human stands for volunteers with dedicated spirit. The sincere smiles, outstanding services, and friendly actions of the volunteers will evoke a strong echo in every participant of the Olympics." (Source)
Esteban Rivera, 8 June 2023

Emblem of Beijing's Olympic bid

[Emblem of the Beijing's Olympic bid]
image by Juan Manuel Gabino Villascán, 8 Aug. 2008.
based on the Report of the IOC Evaluation Commission for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in 2008

"Official Report of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games / Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIA Olympiad", 2010, pg 98; image by Zachary Harden, 19 August 2023

The applicant city bid logo for Beijing was unveiled on December 11, 1999. Beijing was declared as a candidate city on July 3, 2000, and added the Olympic Rings in due course. (Source)
Esteban Rivera, 8 June 2023

The parade of nations

During the parade of nations, the athletes marched according the Chinese "alphabet", featured by the number of brush strokes in the first character of a given name, in the following order:

	Codes:			International Olympic Committee Website
	Chinese names:		Games of the XXIX Olympiad: Beijing 2008 Official web-site
				Chinese to Unicode converter			
				8 Aug, 2008.
	Opening ceremony:	August 8, 2008.
	Images:			FOTW
	Flag-bearers:		List of flag bearers Beijing 2008 (pdf document)
	Sports:			List of flag bearers Beijing 2008 (pdf document)

Country (Chinese)		Country (English)			ABR.    FLAG	FLAG-BEARER			SPORT
  1. 希腊 Greece GRE Ilias Iliadis Judo
  2. 几内亚 Guinea GUI Fatmata Margaret Fofanah Athletics
  3. 几内亚比绍 Guinea-Bissau GBS Augusto MIDANA Wrestling
  4. 土耳其 Turkey TUR Mehmet OZAL Wrestling
  5. 土库曼斯坦 Turkmenistan TKM Guvanch NURMUHAMMEDOV Judo
  6. 也门 Yemen YEM Mohammed AL-YAFAEE Athletics
  7. 马尔代夫 Maldives MDV Aminath Rouya HUSSAIN Aquatics
  8. 马耳他 Malta MLT Marcon BEZZINA Judo
  9. 马达加斯加 Madagascar MAD Soloniaina RAZANADRAKOTO Boxing
  10. 马来西亚 Malaysia MAS Mohd Azizulhasni AWANG Cycling
  11. 马里 Mali MLI Daba Modibo KEITA Taekwondo
  12. 马拉维 Malawi MAW Charlton NYIRENDA Aquatics
  13. 马其顿 Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia MKD Atanas NIKOLOVSKI Canoe/Kayak
  14. 马绍尔群岛 Marshall Islands MHL Waylon MULLER Official
  15. 开曼群岛 Cayman Islands CAY Ronald FORBES Athletics
  16. 不丹 Bhutan BHU Tashi PELJOR Archery
  17. 厄瓜多尔 Ecuador ECU Alexandra ESCOBAR Weightlifting
  18. 厄立特里亚 Eritrea ERI Simret SULTAN GHEBREMICHAEL Athletics
  19. 牙买加 Jamaica JAM Veronica CAMPBELL-BROWN Athletics
  20. 比利时 Belgium BEL Sebastien GODEFROID Sailing
  21. 瓦努阿图 Vanuatu VAN Priscila TOMMY Table Tennis
  22. 以色列 Israel ISR Michael KOLGANOV Canoe/Kayak
  23. 日本 Japan JPN Ai FUKUHARA Table Tennis
  24. 中华台北 Chinese Taipei TPE Sheng-Jung LAI Softball
  25. 中非 Central African Republic CAF Mireille DEREBONA Athletics
  26. 中国香港 Hong Kong, China HKG Kam-Po WONG Cycling
  27. 冈比亚 Gambia GAM Badou JACK Boxing
  28. 贝宁 Benin BEN Fabienne FERAEZ Athletics
  29. 毛里求斯 Mauritius MRI Stephan BUCKLAND Athletics
  30. 毛里塔尼亚 Mauritania MTN Souleymane CHEBAL MOCTAR Athletics
  31. 丹麦 Denmark DEN Joachim B. OLSEN Athletics
  32. 乌干达 Uganda UGA Ronald SERUGO Boxing
  33. 乌克兰 Ukraine UKR Yana KLOCHKOVA Aquatics
  34. 乌拉圭 Uruguay URU Alejandro FOGLIA Sailing
  35. 乌兹别克斯坦 Uzbekistan UZB Dilshod MAKHMUDOV Boxing
  36. 巴巴多斯 Barbados BAR Bradely ALLY Aquatics
  37. 巴布亚新几内亚 Papua New Guinea PNG Ryan PINI Aquatics
  38. 巴西 Brazil BRA Robert SCHEIDT Sailing
  39. 巴拉圭 Paraguay PAR Victor FATECHA Athletics
  40. 巴林 Bahrain BRN Roqaya AL GHASARA Athletics
  41. 巴哈马 Bahamas BAH Debbie FERGUSON McKENZIE Athletics
  42. 巴拿马 Panama PAN Jessica JIMENEZ LUNA Fencing
  43. 巴基斯坦 Pakistan PAK Zeeshan ASHRAF Hockey
  44. 巴勒斯坦 Palestine PLE Nader ALMASSRI Athletics
  45. 古巴 Cuba CUB Mijain LOPEZ Wrestling
  46. 布基纳法索 Burkina Faso BUR Aïssata SOULAMA Athletics
  47. 布隆迪 Burundi BDI Francine NIYONIZIGIYE Athletics
  48. 东帝汶 Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste TLS Mariana XIMENES Athletics
  49. 卡塔尔 Qatar QAT Nasser Saleh AL-ATTIYA Shooting
  50. 卢旺达 Rwanda RWA Pamela GIRIMBABAZI RUGABIRA Aquatics
  51. 卢森堡 Luxembourg LUX Raphaël STACCHIOTTI Aquatics
  52. 乍得 Chad CHA Albertine HINKISSIA NDIKERT Athletics
  53. 白俄罗斯 Belarus BLR Alexander ROMANKOV Fencing
  54. 印度 India IND Rajvardhan Singh RATHORE Shooting
  55. 印度尼西亚 Indonesia INA I. Gusti Made Oka SULAKSANA Sailing
  56. 立陶宛 Lithuania LTU Sarunas JASIKEVICIUS Basketball
  57. 尼日尔 Niger NIG Lamine ALHOUSSEINI Aquatics
  58. 尼日利亚 Nigeria NGR Bose KAFFO Table Tennis
  59. 尼加拉瓜 Nicaragua NCA Alexis ARGÜELLO Boxing
  60. 尼泊尔 Nepal NEP Deepak BISTA Taekwondo
  61. 加纳 Ghana GHA Vida ANIM Athletics
  62. 加拿大 Canada CAN Adam VAN KOEVERDEN Canoe/Kayak
  63. 加蓬 Gabon GAB Mélanie ENGOANG Judo
  64. 圣马力诺 San Marino SMR Daniela DEL DIN Shooting
  65. 圣文森特和格林纳丁斯 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines VIN Kineke ALEXANDER Athletics
  66. 圣卢西亚 Saint Lucia LCA Levern SPENCER Athletics
  67. 圣多美和普林西比 Sao Tome and Principe STP Celma DA GARA SOARES BONFIM Athletics
  68. 圣基茨和尼维斯 Saint Kitts and Nevis SKN Virgil HODGE Athletics
  69. 圭亚那 Guyana GUY Niall ROBERTS Aquatics
  70. 吉布提 Djibouti DJI Salah Houssein AHMED Olympian
  71. 吉尔吉斯斯坦 Kyrgyzstan KGZ Talant DJANAGULOV Judo
  72. 老挝 Lao People's Democratic Republic LAO Talant DJANAGULOV Judo
  73. 亚美尼亚 Armenia ARM Albert AZARYAN Gymnastics
  74. 西班牙 Spain ESP David CAL Canoe/Kayak
  75. 百慕大 Bermuda BER Jillian TERCEIRA Equestrian
  76. 列支敦士登 Liechtenstein LIE Marcel TSCHOPP Athletics
  77. 刚果(布) Congo CGO Pamela Chardene MOUELE MBOUSSI Athletics
  78. 刚果(金) Democratic Republic of the Congo COD Franka MAGALI Athletics
  79. 伊拉克 Iraq IRQ Hamzah AL-HILFI Rowing
  80. 伊朗 Islamic Republic of Iran IRI Homa HOSSEINI Rowing
  81. 危地马拉 Guatemala GUA Kevin CORDON Badminton
  82. 匈牙利 Hungary HUN Zoltàn KAMMERER Canoe/Kayak
  83. 多米尼加共和国 Dominican Republic DOM Felix SANCHEZ Athletics
  84. 多米尼克 Dominica DMA Jerome ROMAIN Athletics
  85. 多哥 Togo TOG Benjamin BOUKPETI Canoe/Kayak
  86. 冰岛 Iceland ISL Orn ARNARSON Aquatics
  87. 关岛 Guam GUM Ricardo BLAS JR Judo
  88. 安哥拉 Angola ANG Joao N'TYAMBA Athletics
  89. 安提瓜和巴布达 Antigua and Barbuda ANT James GROYMON Athletics
  90. 安道尔 Andorra AND Montserrat GARCIA RIBERAYGUA Canoe/Kayak
  91. 汤加 Tonga TGA Ana PO'UHILA Athletics
  92. 约旦 Jordan JOR Zeina SHABAN Table Tennis
  93. 赤道几内亚 Equatorial Guinea GEQ Emilia MIKUE ONDO Athletics
  94. 芬兰 Finland FIN Juha HIRVI Shooting
  95. 克罗地亚 Croatia CRO Ivano BALIC Handball
  96. 苏丹 Sudan SUD Abubaker KAKI Athletics
  97. 苏里南 Suriname SUR Anthony NESTY Aquatics
  98. 利比亚 Libyan Arab Jamahiriya LBA Mohamed BEN SALEH Judo
  99. 利比里亚 Liberia LBR Jangy ADDY Athletics
  100. 伯利兹 Belize BIZ Jonathan WILLIAMS Athletics
  101. 佛得角 Cape Verde CPV Wânia MONTEIRO Gymnastics
  102. 库克群岛 Cook Islands COK Sam PERA JNR Weightlifting
  103. 沙特 Saudi Arabia KSA Mohammed Salman H. AL-KHUWAILDI Athletics
  104. 阿尔及利亚 Algeria ALG Salim ILES Aquatics
  105. 阿尔巴尼亚 Albania ALB Sahit PRIZRENI Wrestling
  106. 阿联酋 United Arab Emirates UAE Sheikha Maitha AL MAKTOUM Taekwondo
  107. 阿根廷 Argentina ARG Emanuel GINOBILI Basketball
  108. 阿曼 Oman OMA Allah Dad AL BALUSHI Shooting
  109. 阿鲁巴 Aruba ARU Fiderd VIS Judo
  110. 阿富汗 Afghanistan AFG Nesar Ahmad BAHAVE Taekwondo
  111. 阿塞拜疆 Azerbaijan AZE Farid MANSUROV Wrestling
  112. 纳米比亚 Namibia NAM Mannie HEYMANS Cycling
  113. 坦桑尼亚 United Republic of Tanzania TAN Fabian NAASI Athletics
  114. 拉脱维亚 Latvia LAT Vadims VASILEVSKIS Athletics
  115. 英国 Great Britain GBR Mark FOSTER Aquatics
  116. 英属维尔京群岛 British Virgin Islands IVB Tahesia HARRIGAN Athletics
  117. 肯尼亚 Kenya KEN Grace Kwamboka MOMANYI Athletics
  118. 罗马尼亚 Romania ROM Valeria BESE Handball
  119. 帕劳 Palau PLW Elgin Loren ELWAIS Wrestling
  120. 图瓦卢 Tuvalu TUV Logona ESAU Weightlifting
  121. 委内瑞拉 Venezuela VEN Maria Jose SOTO GIL Softball
  122. 所罗门群岛 Solomon Islands SOL Wendy HALE Weightlifting
  123. 法国 France FRA Tony ESTANGUET Canoe/Kayak
  124. 波兰 Poland POL Marek TWARDOWSKI Canoe/Kayak
  125. 波多黎各 Puerto Rico PUR McWilliams ARROYO ACEVEDO Boxing
  126. 波黑 Bosnia and Hercegovina BIH Amel MEKIC Judo
  127. 孟加拉国 Bangladesh BAN Rubel RANA Aquatics
  128. 玻利维亚 Bolivia BOL Menacho CESAR Shooting
  129. 挪威 Norway NOR Ruth KASIRYE Weightlifting
  130. 南非 South Africa RSA Natalie DU TOIT Aquatics
  131. 柬埔寨 Cambodia CAM Hem BUNTING Athletics
  132. 哈萨克斯坦 Kazakhstan KAZ Akhmetov BAKHYT Weightlifting
  133. 科威特 Kuwait KUW Abdullah ALRASHIDI Shooting
  134. 科特迪瓦 Côte d'Ivoire CIV Affoue Amandine ALLOU Athletics
  135. 科摩罗 Comoros COM Ahamada FETA Athletics
  136. 保加利亚 Bulgaria BUL Petar STOYCHEV Aquatics
  137. 俄罗斯s Russian Federation RUS Andrey KIRILENKO Basketball
  138. 叙利亚 Syrian Arab Republic SYR Ahed JUGHILI Weightlifting
  139. 美国 United States of America USA Lopez LOMONG Athletics
  140. 美属维尔京群岛 Virgin Islands ISV Josh LABAN Aquatics
  141. 美属萨摩亚 American Samoa ASA Silulu AETONU Judo
  142. 洪都拉斯 Honduras HON Miguel FERRERA Taekwondo
  143. 津巴布韦 Zimbabwe ZIM Brian DZINGAI Athletics
  144. 突尼斯 Tunisia TUN Anis CHADLY Judo
  145. 泰国 Thailand THA Worapoj PETCHKOOM Boxing
  146. 埃及 Egypt EGY Karam IBRAHIM Wrestling
  147. 埃塞俄比亚 Ethiopia ETH Miruts YEFTER Coach
  148. 莱索托 Lesotho LES Tsotang MAINE Athletics
  149. 莫桑比克 Mozambique MOZ Kurt Leonel Da Rocha COUTO Athletics
  150. 荷兰 Netherlands NED Jeroen DELMEE Hockey
  151. 荷属安的列斯 Netherlands Antilles AHO Churandy MARTINA Athletics
  152. 格林纳达 Grenada GRN Alleyne FRANCIQUE Athletics
  153. 格鲁吉亚 Georgia GEO Ramaz NOZADZE Wrestling
  154. 索马里 Somalia SOM Duran FARAH Rowing
  155. 哥伦比亚 Colombia COL Maria Luisa CALLE Cycling
  156. 哥斯达黎加 Costa Rica CRC Allan SEGURA Athletics
  157. 特立尼达和多巴哥 Trinidad and Tobago TRI George BOVELL II Aquatics
  158. 秘鲁 Peru PER Sixto BARRERA Wrestling
  159. 爱尔兰 Ireland IRL Ciara PELLO Sailing
  160. 爱沙尼亚 Estonia EST Martin PADAR Judo
  161. 海地 Haiti HAI Joel BRUTUS Judo
  162. 捷克 Czech Republic CZE Stepanka HILGERTOVA Canoe/Kayak
  163. 基里巴斯 Kiribati KIR David KATOATAU Weightlifting
  164. 菲律宾 Philippines PHI Manny PACQUIAO Boxing
  165. 萨尔瓦多 El Salvador ESA Eva Maria DIMAS Weightlifting
  166. 萨摩亚 Samoa SAM Ele OPELOGE Weightlifting
  167. 密克罗尼西亚联邦 Federated States of Micronesia FSM Manuel MINGINFEL Weightlifting
  168. 塔吉克斯坦 Tajikistan TJK Dilshod NAZAROV Athletics
  169. 越南 Vietnam VIE Nguyen DINH CUONG Athletics
  170. 博茨瓦纳 Botswana BOT Samantha PAXINOS Aquatics
  171. 斯里兰卡 Sri Lanka SRI Susanthika JAYASINGHE Athletics
  172. 斯威士兰 Swaziland SWZ Temalangeni DLAMINI Athletics
  173. 斯洛文尼亚 Slovenia SLO Urska ZOLNIR Judo
  174. 斯洛伐克 Slovakia SVK Elena KALISKA Canoe/Kayak
  175. 葡萄牙 Portugal POR Nelson ÉVORA Athletics
  176. 韩国 Korea KOR Sung Ho JANG Judo
  177. 斐济 Fiji FIJ Makelesi BULIKIOBO Athletics
  178. 喀麦隆 Cameroon CMR Franck MOUSSIMA EWANE Judo
  179. 黑山 Republic of Montenegro MNE Veljko USKOKOVIC Water polo
  180. 朝鲜 Democratic People's Republic of Korea PRK Mun Il PANG MUN IL Athletics
  181. 智利 Chile CHI Fernando GONZALEZ Tennis
  182. 奥地利 Austria AUT Hans-Peter STEINACHER Sailing
  183. 缅甸 Myanmar MYA PHONE MYINT TAYZAR Canoe/Kayak
  184. 瑞士 Switzerland SUI Roger FEDERER Tennis
  185. 瑞典 Sweden SWE Christian OLSSON Athletics
  186. 瑙鲁 Nauru NRU Itte DETENAMO Weightlifting
  187. 摩纳哥 Mongolia MGL Makhgal BAYARJAVKHLAN Judo
  188. 新加坡 Singapore SIN Jiawei LI Table Tennis
  189. 新西兰 New Zealand NZL Mahe' DRYSDALE Rowing
  190. 意大利 Italy ITA Antonio ROSSI Canoe/Kayak
  191. 塞内加尔 Senegal SEN Bineta DIEDHIOU Taekwondo
  192. 塞尔维亚 Republic of Serbia SRB Jasna SEKARIC Shooting
  193. 塞舌尔 Seychelles SEY Georgie CUPIDON Badminton
  194. 塞拉利昂 Sierra Leone SLE Solomon BAYOH Athletics
  195. 塞浦路斯 Cyprus CYP Georgios ACHILLEOS Shooting
  196. 墨西哥 Mexico MEX Paola ESPINOZA SANCHEZ Diving
  197. 黎巴嫩 Lebanon LIB Ziad RICHA Shooting
  198. 德国 Germany GER Dirk NOWITZKI Basketball
  199. 摩尔多瓦 Republic of Moldova MDA Nicolai CEBAN Wrestling
  200. 摩纳哥 Monaco MON Mathias RAYMOND Rowing
  201. 摩洛哥 Morocco MAR Abdelkader KADA Athletics
  202. 澳大利亚 Australia AUS James TOMKINS Rowing
  203. 赞比亚 Zambia ZAM Hastings BWALYA Boxing
  204. 中国 People's Republic of China CHN Ming YAO Basketball
    Did not attend:
  205. 文莱 Brunei Darussalam BRU

Protest flags

Finally, there were protests related to the country's poor Human Rights record (which by the way, was one of the main concerns why Beijing did not win its bid for the 2000 Summer Olympics, which was awarded to Sydney whereas the overall concept for the 2008 Games Bid was that the selection of this candidate city to be the host, would in fact provide an opportunity to improve its record in this matter) and some related flags as well, mainly by the French organization "Reporters Sans Frontières" (English: Reporters Without Borders) in which they depicted the Olympic Rings in the shape and form of silver handcuffs. Tibetan related protests were also staged but no flags have been located yet.
Esteban Rivera, 8 June 2023